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How an Aerial View Helps with Landscaping Properties

May 6, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Professional landscaping is no easy task. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a commercial or residential property—lawn and garden design is tough work! As a landscaper, you can make your life a whole lot easier by taking an aerial real estate survey in Montana. This post will cover a few of the many reasons why landscapers across the country are taking to the skies as part of their duties: Better looking landscaping: A professionally landscaped lawn and garden should be the best-looking property on the block. After all, that’s why clients pay you instead of doing it themselves! If you... View Article

The Advantages of Using Aerial Photography for Real Estate

April 22, 2019 Leave your thoughts

If you’re still surveying large plots of land on foot, you’re doing it wrong! Nowadays, the best real estate agents and appraisers use helicopters and aerial photography to get an accurate view of the land. Continue reading to learn just a few of the reasons why more and more professionals take advantage of real estate survey flights in Montana: Reduce survey time: First and foremost, going up in a helicopter for a survey cuts back drastically on the amount of time you spend surveying land. Instead of spending days scoping out a plot of land, you could do the same... View Article

Before You Purchase: The Importance of Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana

February 23, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Purchasing property is a significant investment. You don’t want to encounter any surprises after you’ve closed the deal. That’s why it’s important to properly survey the land before purchasing it. A real estate survey flight in Montana offers the ideal solution. This survey offers the potential landowner several benefits that make the survey a wise investment. Identifies Property Lines The deed to the land lists what areas and structures are to be included with the property purchase. However, what if some of these buildings aren’t actually within the boundaries of the property? A land survey reveals exactly where the property... View Article

The Advantages of Using Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana

August 4, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Listing a piece of property for sale can be a massive undertaking. It involves inspections, consultations, maintenance and repair work and all of the other preparations and procedures that are necessary before a property can go to market. An accurate real estate survey is important when it comes time to list your home or piece of land on the real estate market. Real estate surveying options include aerial satellites, remotely operated drones, mapping from land surveyors and helicopter surveys. There are many advantages of using professional helicopter real estate survey flights in Montana over other methods of land surveying. Let’s... View Article

Four Reasons to Look Into Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana

May 10, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Our helicopters can be used for a variety of reasons besides enjoying breathtaking tours of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. One of the most popular services we offer our customers are real estate survey flights in Montana. There are many advantages to using a helicopter to survey a large piece of land. For example, flight surveys are less time consuming than walking around a piece of property, and can also provide more accurate measurements. Here are a few of the reasons customers choose us to get a bird’s eye view of properties: Site progress management: Anyone in the real estate industry... View Article