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Four Advantages of Doing Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana

September 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Real estate surveys are a good idea for anyone thinking about buying a parcel of land, selling a piece of land or even a current homeowner who just wants to know more about their property. A survey can tell you exactly where your property or the property you’re thinking about buying or selling starts and ends. It can also reveal some other facts about your land that you may never have found without the assistance of a professional surveyor. While surveys from the ground certainly help, there’s no better way to gauge a property than from the air. Here are... View Article

Why Invest in Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana?

April 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

You’ve just invested in some spectacular real estate, and you’ve got great plans for it, whether you plan to build something on it or to leave it be for a bit while you think about it. No matter what your plans are and how many times you’ve seen the land from the ground, it’s never a bad idea to see the land from a different angle—more specifically, from above. From above, you can see the real estate as a whole and it’ll give you ideas with what to do with the land if you haven’t already made up your mind.... View Article

Why are Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana so Important?

November 15, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Whether you’re a real estate agent who makes a living on selling real estate or you’re a homeowner who is simply looking to sell your home, real estate survey flights in Montana have become a much more useful and popular tool for selling real estate. Selling a home, both professionally and as a one-time thing, isn’t just tidying up the house and sticking a ‘FOR SALE’ sign on the front lawn. There’s a lot of hard work, planning and preparation that goes into it and part of that is understanding not only the home, but also the land and its... View Article