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Why Helicopters Are Great for First Responders

October 7, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Helicopters are widely used in a variety of industries and fields. News stations, for example, almost always have an “eye in the sky” to keep an eye on traffic or developing news situations in their areas. They are a staple of multiple branches of the military, are often used in work in stringing up new power lines and are frequently used for tourism. Helicopters are also ideal tools for first responders, for a variety of reasons. The movie San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, provided what was a bit of an over-dramatized look at the kind of work first... View Article

Preparing for Your First Helicopter Position

September 23, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Most insurance companies require you to have at least 500 hours of experience before they’ll start providing coverage to helicopter pilots, so it can be a little bit of a challenge to actually start regularly getting into the cockpit. You might also find it challenging to get a hold of senior chief pilots who will have the time to take you under their wing and give you some instruction about what you can do to actually get behind the controls. Eventually, though, you’re going to get your first helicopter position, and when you’ve got it, it’s important you’re prepared for... View Article

Tips for Helicopter Pilots

September 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Are you considering launching a career as a helicopter pilot? Perhaps you simply want to own a helicopter for personal use. Whether you want to open a helicopter company in Montana or simply make your jaunts to work quick and exciting, there are several things you should consider. Use the following tips to make your helicopter training and ownership proceed as smoothly as possible. For additional information, contact your local helicopter company in Montana. Research If you plan to jump into the world of helicopters, be ready to ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can. This... View Article

Tips for a First-Time Passenger on a Helicopter Charter in Montana

August 22, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Helicopter charters in Montana offer excitement, convenience and incomparable views. But if you’ve never before taken flight in a helicopter, you might be unsure what to expect. It’s not uncommon for passengers to experience a bit of anxiety before their first ride. Fortunately, professional helicopter charters in Montana are extremely safe. Top-level protocols are in place to ensure passenger safety and enjoyment. For those who are struggling with a bit of uncertainty, use the following guide to make your first helicopter excursion smooth and satisfying. What to Bring Most first-time passengers who book a helicopter charter in Montana wonder what... View Article

Tips for Taking a Baby on a Helicopter Tour in Montana

August 8, 2018 Leave your thoughts

You might have read this title and asked, “Are there really people that take babies on helicopter tours?” The truth is, it’s perfectly safe to take small children on helicopter tours, and many families on vacations choose to do so every year. Consider this—babies fly in airplanes all the time without any issue. While you won’t be able to fly in a doorless helicopter with an infant, you will not have any issue flying in one that is enclosed and has all the proper safety gear in place. Just make sure you connect with your tour company ahead of time... View Article