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What Makes Owning a Helicopter Appealing?

February 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Ever since the Wright brothers’ vision for human flight became a reality in 1903, people across the world have been taking to the skies. From commercial airliners with the capacity to seat hundreds of people to small single-seater charter planes, there are a wide variety of ways that you can sail through the great blue yonder, whether you’re headed across the world on a business trip or taking an aerial tour of some beautiful natural sites. The speed and reliability of aircraft might even make you wish that you could trade in your daily commuter for a helicopter to get... View Article

The Truth About Flying Helicopters During Thunderstorms

January 22, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Most people are aware of the dangers that can be associated with thunderstorms. In addition to the potential damage to homes and structures caused by heavy rain and forceful winds, lightning strikes can cause serious injury or even death. While most people are usually able to safely weather a thunderstorm from the safety of their home or another building, there are other scenarios that can leave people seriously vulnerable to lightning. While flying in an airplane or helicopter, thunderstorms become serious threats that can have tragic implications. Some people may underestimate the danger of thunderstorms when it comes to helicopter... View Article

Common Helicopter Myths Debunked by a Helicopter Company in Montana

January 4, 2018 Leave your thoughts

As with any type of machinery or equipment not commonly used by everyday people, there are a lot of myths about helicopters and their use. We’re here to correct them for you! Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about helicopters and the reality behind them, courtesy of an experienced helicopter company in Montana. MYTH: Flying a helicopter is dangerous Accident statistics indicate the risks of flying a helicopter are no different than flying fixed-wing aircraft. When helicopter accidents do occur, they are typically caused by human error rather than mechanical failure. The most common type of accident... View Article

Helicopters in Film: Favorite Helicopter Scenes and Movies at Our Helicopter Company in Montana

December 21, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Who doesn’t get a bit of a thrill every time a helicopter scene pops up in a movie? Whether it’s a straight-up action flick, a nail-biting suspense film or a hilarious buddy cop comedy, there are plenty of examples of iconic scenes involving helicopters. Here are a few of the favorites of the team at our helicopter company in Montana. Apocalypse Now One of the greatest war movies ever made also has the greatest helicopter sequence of all time. Even if you haven’t seen the entire movie, you’re probably familiar with the scene—as Martin Sheen’s character gets air strike support... View Article

The Importance of Winter Helicopter Maintenance in Montana

December 6, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Montana is a great place to own a helicopter. Big Sky Country is known for its rugged landscape, stunning scenery and prominent peaks. If you are proud helicopter owner, you may be wondering how you can enjoy safe and picturesque flights throughout the entirety of the year. The Rocky Mountain Range is also home to harsh weather and occasionally bitter conditions, so understanding the importance of routine winter helicopter maintenance in Montana is an essential part of staying safe and ensuring that you land without incident during your offseason flights. It’s extremely important to service your helicopter before taking it... View Article