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Things to Consider While Looking to Invest in a Helicopter

June 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

You’ve probably occasionally dreamed of owning your own helicopter. You could take out for a flight on the weekends, then commute to work during the week. Owning a helicopter means you skip out on gridlocked traffic while getting the unique thrill that flying provides. While renting a helicopter is a good option for some, the freedom of owning a helicopter means you can customize it to your tastes and never have to compete for flight time. The good news is that owning a helicopter is now more accessible than ever. It’s a good idea to connect with a reputable helicopter... View Article

What Happens If the Engine Dies While Flying a Helicopter?

May 22, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Flying a helicopter is an exhilarating experience no matter what. You’re just like the birds, flying high above the trees with complete freedom and a sense of wonder about it all. But sometimes exhilarating isn’t always good—like when the engine dies. And you think it’s just temporary, but it isn’t. Is the helicopter going to fall out of the sky? Are the wings on your bird irrevocably broken? Luckily, it’s not as dire a situation as it seems. Advances in technology provide many ways for pilots to avert disastrous crashes in both planes and helicopters. When you take courses at... View Article

Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Real Estate Photographers

May 9, 2018 Leave your thoughts

It might be tempting to try to save a bit of money by taking photos of a property yourself. Every smartphone these days is basically an excellent camera, so who will know the difference, right? However, the reality is that potential buyers will know the difference. A professional real estate photographer will capture the property in a way an amateur can’t. With today’s discerning buyers, you want every opportunity you can get. Making that all-important first impression with an eye-catching shot of the property is the way to go. Better yet, find quality aerial photography in Montana to highlight the... View Article

Top Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Could Benefit from Aerial Photography

April 25, 2018 Leave your thoughts

The real estate market gets more and more competitive every year. Many potential buyers are simply searching the web for that perfect property. So, of course, you list your properties on every site they could possibly go to. But what makes your listing stand out from the others? Most listings will appear the same—a curbside photo of the home. That’s okay, but why would anyone click on that particular listing instead of all the others? One way you can make sure potential buyers notice what you have to offer is through aerial photography in Montana. This is a surefire way... View Article

Things to Think About Before Graduating from Flight School

April 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Are you about to graduate from flight school in Montana? If so, congratulations! All your hard work is about to pay off. This is a unique accomplishment that few people obtain. You will soon have the license and certification to take to the skies, which is truly a privilege. You can soon take off for wherever you want in the world at your own discretion. There are some things you may want to consider as you take this new step. What are your plans for how to use your license? Are you looking into purchasing your own aircraft, or are... View Article