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Five Reasons Helicopter Rides Make Great Gifts

May 1, 2020 Leave your thoughts

For the person who seems to have everything, why not consider a helicopter tour gift certificate in Montana? They can use it to take a tour on their own time and enjoy everything our charters have to offer. This can be the perfect gift for newlyweds who like a bit of adventure and are not afraid to fly. Here are five reasons why you should buy a gift card for your loved one today: Excitement: Riding a helicopter is not the same as riding a commercial airliner. It seems to move more quickly and it is closer to the ground,... View Article

When Is the Best Time of Day for a Helicopter Tour?

April 17, 2020 Leave your thoughts

There is really only one answer to this question: the best time of day for a helicopter tour is anytime you want! However, if this is your first tour and even your first trip to Montana, it may not be as easy as all that. If you find it difficult to make a choice on when to schedule your helicopter tour in Montana, here are four considerations to help you decide: Morning vs. night person: If waking up early in the morning to see the sunrise sounds like torture, that is not your time for a tour. Try a sunset... View Article

Top Reasons to Take a Helicopter Adventure

February 10, 2020 Leave your thoughts

Whether you’re a Montana resident or just visiting on vacation, taking a helicopter tour is a fantastic way to spend a day! A helicopter adventure in Montana provides some fantastic photos and helps you make lasting memories with friends and family on your flight. Continue reading to learn a few more of the top reasons to book a helicopter flight today: Live a little: It’s safe to say that daily life isn’t always very exciting for many of us. Step out of your comfort zone and live a little bit with a helicopter tour! A unique flight with our professionals... View Article

Aerial Photography Tips for Your Next Helicopter Trip

January 27, 2020 Leave your thoughts

Whether you’re an amateur with an iPhone or a professional with a DSLR camera, taking a helicopter flight is a great way to get some fantastic photos. But getting the right photos for your Instagram account or portfolio isn’t always as easy as it seems. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Continue reading to learn seven aerial photography tips in Montana: Prioritize safety: We shouldn’t have to say this, but no photo is worth risking your personal safety and the safety of your equipment. During the flight, always remain seated with your harness or seatbelt in place. Rest assured that you’ll... View Article

The Importance of Regular Aircraft Maintenance

January 11, 2020 Leave your thoughts

When you own a car and you get lax on your maintenance routine, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe one day, your car won’t start. Maybe it will stop while you’re in traffic. It’s inconvenient, and potentially hazardous, but it’s generally not a matter of life and death. When you’re at the controls of a helicopter, however, the last thing you want is to experience a rotor-stopping mechanical failure while you’re in mid-flight. After all, aggravating the other commuters and plunging from the sky are two very different scenarios. Beyond proper training at the flight stick, the most... View Article