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Five Reasons Helicopter Rides Make Great Gifts

May 1, 2020 Leave your thoughts

For the person who seems to have everything, why not consider a helicopter tour gift certificate in Montana? They can use it to take a tour on their own time and enjoy everything our charters have to offer. This can be the perfect gift for newlyweds who like a bit of adventure and are not afraid to fly. Here are five reasons why you should buy a gift card for your loved one today:

  • Excitement: Riding a helicopter is not the same as riding a commercial airliner. It seems to move more quickly and it is closer to the ground, which allows a great view while also making smaller details more visible. Helicopter rides often appeal to thrill seekers because, while they are completely safe, they’re also unique experiences that offer adrenaline as the helicopter soars above beautiful scenery, making them feel like they are on a roller coaster as the helicopter makes descents or gains altitude. There is an excitement associated with helicopters that is not available any other way.
  • The view: Even those who have previously driven across Montana have not seen it the same way they can from a helicopter. There is still beauty, but it is not the same as the vantage points we’re able to offer. As mentioned above, you have a great view while also being able to see details, like wildlife and land formations. There are things you miss from a ground view that will not be overlooked from a helicopter. Anyone who books a helicopter charter will never see the Rocky Mountains the same way again.
  • Excellent photography opportunity: If your loved one enjoys taking pictures, a helicopter ride offers a new experience. Many people book our tours for the photography alone, as they will likely not have the same views or opportunities to take that next great photo. Besides the scenery, many people enjoy taking atmospheric photos of clouds, pre-flight checks, cockpit shots and old-school aerial shots. The scenery offers splendid opportunities, but the whole experience of being on a helicopter includes new inspiration for both professional and amateur photographers.
  • Romantic excursions:  Helicopter rides make for great couple gifts. If you want to give that one-of-a-kind wedding present, try one of our helicopter tour gift certificates in Montana. People who snowboard all over the world, climb mountains or wish to hike all the available trails would love an opportunity for a new type of adventure. A helicopter ride could be the optimal wedding or anniversary gift.
  • Shared experience: After enjoying one of our charters, you may feel a need to share the experience. You may have a friend or relative who would love to fly with us but cannot afford it at this time. Buying a gift certificate is an excellent way to give them this opportunity.

If you need a helicopter ride gift certificate in Montana, contact Rocky Mountain Rotors. We offer charter operations throughout Montana and the surrounding states, and we will give your loved one a new adventure to enjoy. Call us today to learn more.

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