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The Truth About Flying Helicopters During Thunderstorms

January 22, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Most people are aware of the dangers that can be associated with thunderstorms. In addition to the potential damage to homes and structures caused by heavy rain and forceful winds, lightning strikes can cause serious injury or even death. While most people are usually able to safely weather a thunderstorm from the safety of their home or another building, there are other scenarios that can leave people seriously vulnerable to lightning. While flying in an airplane or helicopter, thunderstorms become serious threats that can have tragic implications. Some people may underestimate the danger of thunderstorms when it comes to helicopter... View Article

Why You Should Take a Winter Helicopter Tour in Montana

November 22, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Helicopter tours in Montana offer tourists and locals alike a bird’s eye view of iconic sites, soaring peaks, towering mountains and frosty glaciers. You should take a break from hitting the slopes, and see what they look like from up above! Winter flights can be a great way to experience a totally different side of Montana’s vast, year-round natural beauty. If you are wondering how to make the most of your winter visit to Big Sky Country, you should consider taking a winter helicopter tour. Wintertime helicopter tours in Montana allow you to experience the rugged landscapes of the Upper... View Article

Things That a First-Time Flyer Should Know About a Helicopter Tour in Montana

November 9, 2017 Leave your thoughts

As you are preparing for your first helicopter tour in Montana, you probably have a ton of questions going through your mind. Although the idea of a helicopter tour might seem scary for first-timers, knowing a little bit about what to expect can go a long way toward helping to calm some of the fears you might have. Take a look at a few of the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about helicopter tours so that you can have the confidence you need to focus on enjoying your first trip. What should I bring? Before you... View Article

Six Quick Tips About Air Tours

October 2, 2017 Leave your thoughts

There’s no better way to experience the Rocky Mountains than from up above. You can tour the majestic and awe-inspiring peaks of North America’s backbone by enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour in Montana over some of the nation’s tallest summits. Before joining an aerial tour of the Rockies, however, you should familiarize yourself with the exhilarating process of riding in a site-seeing helicopter: Know where to sit: Depending on the aircraft being used for your tour, you may have a substantially better experience if you are in the front rather than the back of the vehicle. While weight is often... View Article

Six Reasons To Take a Helicopter Tour in Montana

July 6, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Montana is often called “the last best place,” as it still contains areas untouched by civilization. You can still find spots where cell phone signals do not exist and it is easy to get lost. A helicopter tour in Montana is one of the best ways to see the state, as your vantage point produces a breathtaking view. Here are six reasons why you should consider a helicopter tour this summer: Nature views: Montana contains lakes, rivers and snow-capped mountains. You can experience them all from the ground as you explore the area on foot, bike or horseback. But as... View Article