135 Charters in Belgrade, MT

135 ChartersAs a proprietor of helicopter charter flights throughout Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, Rocky Mountain Rotors is here to deliver uncompromising quality when it comes to serving your unique needs. We have a depth of experience in offering both private and commercial 135 charters and can tailor your flight to encompass exactly what you need it to—whether you’re just headed to a specific destination or you’re looking for complex aerial navigation.

Private helicopter charters

We’re pleased to offer private charter flights in Belgrade, Bozeman, Butte, and Billings, MT, along with Wyoming and Idaho, to virtually anywhere you need to go. We treat every customer with the utmost professionalism—no matter if you’re a frequent flier or just need a one-time charter—and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the cleanliness of our birds, as well as the personable nature of our pilots. As a certified 135 charter provider, we guarantee a safe, smooth ride to you, no matter where the final destination may be.

Commercial charters

As the area’s leading provider of commercial helicopter charter flights in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, Rocky Mountain Rotors is pleased to tout an expansive portfolio of satisfied clients, ranging across the gamut of charter needs, such as aerial cinematography. From charters to surveying land to aerial cinematography used in Hollywood films, we’re your premier source for commercial helicopter charters. Some of the work we’re especially proud of includes:

  • Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild, featuring Bear Grylls.
  • History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers, Using a side-mounted Cineflex camera.
  • Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival Wyoming episode, using a Tyler middle mount.
  • Discovery Channel Dual Survival Montana episode, using a Tyler middle mount.
  • 20th Century Fox’s Unstoppable.
  • Vampire, using a Tyler Mini Gyro.
  • Various commercials and documentaries on Yellowstone and surrounding landmarks.

For more information about any of the 135 charter flights, tours, real estate surveys, and more in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho we’re please to offer or to inquire about your unique needs and accompanying rates, please contact us today by calling 406-579-9312.