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How an Aerial View Helps with Landscaping Properties

May 6, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Professional landscaping is no easy task. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a commercial or residential property—lawn and garden design is tough work! As a landscaper, you can make your life a whole lot easier by taking an aerial real estate survey in Montana. This post will cover a few of the many reasons why landscapers across the country are taking to the skies as part of their duties:

  • Better looking landscaping: A professionally landscaped lawn and garden should be the best-looking property on the block. After all, that’s why clients pay you instead of doing it themselves! If you want to deliver top-notch results for your clients, your best bet is to get a look at the property from above. Planning out a landscaping job from the sky consistently provides better results than doing it from the ground.
  • Happier customers: If you’re providing customers with great-looking lawns, you’re going to have some satisfied clients. Happy customers are bound to leave great reviews online and recommend you to their friends. As a result, you’re sure to get more business and make more money.
  • Save time: Your time is valuable—why spend it walking around a property when you could do a flyover and see the same thing in less than half the time? Time is something you can never get back, so don’t waste it on the ground!
  • Save money: If you’re saving time, you’re certainly saving money! One or two landscapers can conduct a quick aerial survey. That can save you a whole bunch of money compared to paying a team of people on the ground.

Why choose Rocky Mountain Rotors?

Unless you have a helicopter and pilot’s license, you’ll need to hire a pro to take you up for an aerial real estate survey in Montana. Assuming that’s the case, you should always hire Rocky Mountain Rotors! Here are a few reasons why our customers come back time and time again:

  • Safety first: Though performing a proper survey is obviously important, that’s not what matters most when you’re in a helicopter. Our number one priority is customer safety, which is why all of our pilots are highly trained and all of our helicopters are kept well maintained and up to code.
  • Fair pricing: One of the reasons to conduct an aerial survey is to save money. Why, then, would you overpay to have that survey performed? That doesn’t make sense to us, which is why we charge competitive rates for everything we do.
  • Wide range of services: Perhaps the best thing about Rocky Mountain Rotors is the fact that we don’t just provide real estate survey flights. Instead, we’re a full-service company providing our customers with once-in-a-lifetime tours, training for new pilots, helicopter maintenance and much more.

Don’t trust anyone but Rocky Mountain Rotors the next time you need to fly high in the sky. Whether you need to conduct a real estate survey in Montana or you want a bird’s-eye view of the Rocky Mountains, give us a call!

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