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People Who’d Appreciate the Gift of a Helicopter Tour in Montana

November 10, 2016 Leave your thoughts

You’ve seen the area from the ground and by water, but have you been up in a helicopter looking down at the land from high above? For the experience of a lifetime, book a time to fly up with Rocky Mountain Rotors. We’ll make sure you get the best view of some of the most beautiful national parks and terrain in America! When you think about it, you can’t be the only person in your circle who likes to take a helicopter ride. Here are some people in your life who would appreciate the gift of a helicopter tour in... View Article

Helicopter Tours of Montana: What Will You See From the Sky?

July 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Montana—Nowhere else in the U.S. will you find nature and wildlife in its most beautiful and perfect state. From the majestic mountains bordering the skyline to the animals roaming freely in their natural habitats, the Montana landscape displays the epitome of the natural beauties the West has to offer, and the best way to explore this landscape is from the sky. If you’re looking to experience the beauty of nature and wildlife at its best, you’ll want to join us on one of our helicopter tours of Montana.  An aerial tour of Montana offers a more unique and memorable adventure... View Article

Can You Still Enjoy Helicopter Tours in Montana if You Suffer From Flight Sickness?

June 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Flight sickness is something that many people suffer from. It’s usually characterized by a sinking feeling in your gut, followed by nausea or pressure in the face, which progresses into dizziness and lightheadedness, ultimately ending in vomiting or even passing out in some extreme cases. For those people who suffer from flight sickness, avoiding air travel or heavily medicating beforehand is a must. Unfortunately for these people, enjoying helicopter tours in Montana can be hard. It’s not easy to enjoy the splendor and beauty of this amazing state if you’re battling back the urge to vomit or pass out! As... View Article

What to See on Your Helicopter Tours of Montana?

December 15, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Naturalists of North America love to flock to Montana on vacation—it’s one of the last great bastions of natural beauty in the Lower 48 and comes with a huge range of landmarks and destinations that are well worth the trek out to them. And while most people see these sights with their boots planted firmly on the ground or saddled atop a horse, it’s the people who choose to see them via helicopter tours of Montana that truly get the full experience. What are some of the must-see landmarks of Montana that are best viewed from the sky? Take a... View Article

What Makes a Helicopter Tour in Montana so Great?

November 1, 2015 Leave your thoughts

When you think of sightseeing and taking tours, you probably think of major tourist locations like New York, Las Vegas or Hollywood. But have you ever thought about taking a helicopter tour in Montana? To the average travel guru, Montana might not seem like the most alluring or exciting place to take a vacation. There aren’t blocks and blocks of skyscrapers or hotels that boast fountains that dance along to music. But what people don’t realize is Montana is home to some of the most beautiful land formations in the entire country—the Rocky Mountains, parts of Yellowstone and the Grand... View Article