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People Who’d Appreciate the Gift of a Helicopter Tour in Montana

November 10, 2016 Leave your thoughts

You’ve seen the area from the ground and by water, but have you been up in a helicopter looking down at the land from high above? For the experience of a lifetime, book a time to fly up with Rocky Mountain Rotors. We’ll make sure you get the best view of some of the most beautiful national parks and terrain in America!

When you think about it, you can’t be the only person in your circle who likes to take a helicopter ride. Here are some people in your life who would appreciate the gift of a helicopter tour in Montana:

  • Visiting family: Do you plan to have family visit from out of state? Like most, you’re probably proud of where you live and can hardy wait to talk about your town with family. But if you sign up for a private helicopter tour, you can turn your stories into a real life picture book. Looking out of the helicopter windows, you and your family can enjoy the breathtaking view of the land and sky, and maybe even find landmarks to hike to later.
  • Photographers: Professional, beginner and student photographers and cell phone camera users alike can all benefit from taking their cameras up in the air. There’s something almost magical about capturing images from the perspective of a bird. Imagine the look on the photographer’s face once they get a chance to review their photos.
  • Writers: If you know a writer, then you know they always seem to have their head in the clouds, deep in thought. Gifting a writer a helicopter tour in Montana can turn this perception into a reality. After the helicopter comes out of the clouds, they’ll be treated to a spectacular sight below—including waterways, rolling hills, mountains and valleys. Maybe the tour will help them brainstorm new ideas.
  • New residents: Moving to a completely new place can be stressful—especially when you don’t know anyone or the layout of the area quite yet. Gifting a helicopter ride to view the local terrain to friends or family who’ve recently moved may help them adjust to their new surroundings.
  • Geography majors: If your child is majoring in geography in college, consider an aerial view of the terrain for their next present. This is a fantastic way for them to see how land features of the earth look in real time, while getting a true feel for their field of study.
  • Helicopter enthusiasts: Someone who loves everything about helicopters would explode with joy if they were gifted a helicopter tour, because not only will they get to sit in one and touch it, they also get to fly around in it. In addition to all this, the pilot may welcome all sorts of helicopter-related questions during and after the tour.
  • Nature lovers: From the sky and clouds to intricate land formations and beautiful foliage, a helicopter ride would be a dream come true for any nature lover. They get to see the landscape from an angle they wouldn’t otherwise ever see at ground level, not to mention having the chance to watch wild animals from up high.

For more information about booking a helicopter tour in Montana, contact the folks at Rocky Mountain Rotors today!

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