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What to See on Your Helicopter Tours of Montana?

December 15, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Naturalists of North America love to flock to Montana on vacation—it’s one of the last great bastions of natural beauty in the Lower 48 and comes with a huge range of landmarks and destinations that are well worth the trek out to them. And while most people see these sights with their boots planted firmly on the ground or saddled atop a horse, it’s the people who choose to see them via helicopter tours of Montana that truly get the full experience.

What are some of the must-see landmarks of Montana that are best viewed from the sky? Take a look at this list of popular attractions and learn more about why you should see them from the cockpit of a helicopter, even if you’ve seen them from the ground before:

  • Glacier National Park: With over a million acres to experience, filled with unique wildlife and breathtaking natural formations, this prolific park is a premier destination for helicopter tours in Montana. See the more than 130 lakes from above, soar over sub-ranges of the Rocky Mountains and take in the expansive horizons or this untouched land from the sky—it’s like no experience you’ll ever have!
  • Ryan Dam: Just downstream of Great Falls, MT, you’ll find the Ryan Dam—a hydroelectric dam constructed in 1915. The dam is powered by the surging rapids of the Missouri River and remains one of the most amazing marvels to be seen from the sky on a helicopter tour!
  • Makoshika State Park—the Badlands: Montana’s largest state park by a wide margin, Makoshika State Park is also the most popular segment of the Badlands to see. Many people drive through this area in passing, but to see the tremendous rock formations and expansive scenery from the sky is a whole new experience.
  • Yellowstone National Park: For the largest concentration of wildlife in the state, Yellowstone is absolutely the place to go—especially if you’re planning on seeing that wildlife from the sky! Bison, elk, bears, wolves, moose and more can all be spotted from the sky against the naturally lush backdrop of the park, while the scenery itself paints alluring pictures that stretch on for miles and miles.
  • Flathead Lake: Deeper than the Yellow Sea or the Persian Gulf, cleaner than most any other freshwater lake in America and the largest lake west of the Mississippi, Flathead Lake is best experienced from upon high in a helicopter. Being able to appreciate the pristine quality of the water and the sheer size of the lake itself from the sky makes you truly appreciate the natural wonder of this tremendous body of water.

Montana in and of itself is full of natural beauty—the above landmarks and destinations are simply the best examples of this. When you decide to fly high in a helicopter tour in Montana, you’ll be quick to realize that even the sights you’ll see en route to your destination are breathtaking and beautiful!

To see these sights and more, be sure to book a helicopter tour today!

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