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A Helicopter Tour in Montana Is the Perfect Wedding or Anniversary Gift

December 10, 2018 Leave your thoughts

If you’re getting married or are coming up on an anniversary, you may be wondering what to give to your significant other. Sure, there are the standard yearly gifts like paper and silver, but if you truly want to “wow” your partner, you might want to consider going the extra mile. The sky is the limit… or is it?

A helicopter tour in Montana can make an excellent gift to your partner, or even the happy couple if you’re looking to surprise a family member or best friend. Treat them to an hour or two high in the sky as they take in the breathtaking sights below and enjoy the experience of a lifetime together.

Aerial tours

Just the experience of riding in a helicopter can be a truly spectacular one, and one to remember for a lifetime. Pair that with the love of your life on your wedding day, and the excitement will be palpable. Your partner or the happy couple will be in awe as they board a professionally-piloted aircraft and head high into the sky.

At Rocky Mountain Rotors, we take our aerial tour guests up to 500 feet and fly over amazing sights in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. The scenery, wildlife and nature look even more alive while you’re peacefully soaring above them.

Some of our more popular destinations include the Rocky Mountains and the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Renowned for their beautiful sights on the ground, they are sure to not disappoint when hovering above them.

Once you’re back on the ground, there’s no way you could possibly forget the experience. Many of our customers want to return again and again to experience the exhilaration, beauty and thrill we provide!

Photo destinations

If you’re a family member or friend of the bride and groom’s, you might also consider giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot their wedding photos where very few people have gone before. With our photo tours, we’re able to take guests to remote areas of the wilderness with their photographer and shoot breathtaking photos that will be the envy of the other guests.

This sort of gift is perfect for nature lovers, adventure seekers and partners seeking a more unique twist to their special day. There couldn’t be anything more spectacular than sharing amazing views with your partner-to-be during a truly remarkable flight experience!

Or, if you’re already married but are looking for a special something to give your partner on your anniversary, hire a local photographer to come shoot anniversary photos up in the mountains! These sorts of experiences are the true gifts.

If you’re interested in booking a helicopter tour in Montana for your wedding or anniversary, contact Rocky Mountain Rotors. We are a premier helicopter chartering company that offers many flight services, including helicopter chartering, aerial and photography tours and helicopter flight training. We also do helicopter maintenance on privately-owned aircraft. We staff highly trained pilots and professional maintenance techs so you know each trip you take with us is safe, fun and unique. Get in touch today to learn more!

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