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Doors On vs. Doors Off for Helicopter Tours in Montana

July 25, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Doors off helicopter tours are becoming much more popular among tourists. In the helicopter industry, it’s essentially the tour company’s way of amplifying your experience and improving the quality of sights you’ll be able to see.

But does a doors off tour really differ that much from a doors on tour? Here are a few reasons why you should consider going doors off for your next helicopter tour in Montana.

There’s no safety worry

First and foremost, it’s important to note that going doors off does not pose any safety risk. As long as you’re strapped into your seat properly, you have nothing to worry about.

When you go out for your first helicopter tour, you’ll be highly impressed by the extreme professionalism of the pilots and ground crew. Before every tour, the crew performs a number of different pre-flight checks. These checks are taken extremely seriously across the industry—we never take safety for granted. This helps you trust that you’re in good hands and don’t need to worry about your safety during the tour.

It increases the excitement

Taking the door off adds an extra level of excitement, simply because you’ll be able to see more. Sure, you’re probably going to have some nerves at takeoff—even if you’ve done a helicopter tour before, there’s something a bit scary about liftoff. But it’s scary in an exciting way, not in a terrifying way—similar to the fright or nerves you experience when on a roller coaster.

Pilots for helicopter tours are so skilled in smoothly maneuvering the helicopter that you won’t have to worry about being tossed around during the flight. But there’s still plenty of excitement. Helicopters are extremely high-performance vehicles. It’s almost like being inside a supercar. When you’re driving a high-powered convertible, putting the top down only adds to the excitement, and it’s the same way with going doors off for a helicopter tour.

It gives you a better view

The entire reason you’re going up in a helicopter in the first place is to get some awesome views of the surrounding area, so why not maximize those views to the fullest possible extent? Taking the door off makes it easier for you to see large areas of the terrain and region below. Plus, it helps you take some awesome photos. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with trying to avoid the reflections in the glass windows, which can add a damper to the experience.

You’re going to make some great memories and see some incredible sights either way, but there’s no denying that taking the door off significantly enhances the experience, whether you’re a first-timer or someone who’s done dozens of helicopter tours before.

Interested in learning more about our helicopter tours in Montana and how you can prepare for your big adventure? We encourage you to contact the team at Rocky Mountain Rotors today and we’ll be happy to give you an overview of what you can expect out of your day with us.

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