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Five Reasons to Schedule Helicopter Tours in the Summer

June 25, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Taking a helicopter tour is something that ranks high on a lot of people’s bucket lists. They are magical, exciting experiences filled with breathtaking views. When you finally get around to making this dream a reality, you might be filled with indecision—where is the best place to take the tour, and when should you go?

As a premier provider of helicopter tours for over 10 years, we can say with certainty that summer is one of our most popular seasons. If you’re interested in booking a helicopter tour in Montana sometime soon, don’t hesitate to schedule yours for the summer. Here are five reasons why you should:

  • Everything’s in bloom: The main reason summer is so appealing to travelers is because everything is alive and thriving in the summer months! Grass is green, flowers are in bloom, animals are out living their lives and it’s all there for you to see. Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains and other areas of Montana and Wyoming are full of pure beauty in the summer, and you won’t want to miss it.
  • Weather safety: Weather can be fickle depending on the season, and it can unfortunately make or break your ride if the elements are too harsh. Winter storms are common, grounding helicopters due to snow, ice and cold winds. In the summer, the occasional thunderstorm may pass through, but the weather will be much tamer so you can get up there and enjoy the ride.
  • Vacation time: Even if you are no longer a student or don’t have any kids, there’s just something about summer that screams “vacation time.” Whether you want to take a tour with a significant other to celebrate an anniversary, go alone to exercise your photography hobby or you’re looking for a good way to spend an afternoon with your whole family, a helicopter tour is a vacation experience you’ll never forget.
  • Comfortable temperatures: Being thousands of feet up in the air can get chilly, even in 80 to 90 degree summer weather. Now, imagine shivering up in a helicopter when there is snow on the ground! Taking a helicopter tour in Montana during summer will keep you much more comfortable so you can focus on what you’re seeing below you.
  • Busy season: As we mentioned before, summer is the busiest season for helicopter tours. This means that if you’re thinking about doing one this summer, you’d better act fast! Tours book up quick, and you don’t want to get stuck with your excitement and no way to make it happen.

The time of day you fly also matters! Schedule your trip in the afternoon for the clearest views and best possible lighting for photography. If you have any questions about the best time to tour the skies of Montana, call the experts and they can give you the best answers.

Are you itching to take a helicopter tour in Montana this summer? Call Rocky Mountain Rotors, the foremost authority on helicopter-related services in Montana. Our team is filled with highly trained pilots and factory trained mechanics to offer premier helicopter charters and touring, photo flights and much more!

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