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Common Helicopter Myths Debunked by a Helicopter Company in Montana

January 4, 2018 Leave your thoughts

As with any type of machinery or equipment not commonly used by everyday people, there are a lot of myths about helicopters and their use. We’re here to correct them for you!

Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about helicopters and the reality behind them, courtesy of an experienced helicopter company in Montana.

MYTH: Flying a helicopter is dangerous

Accident statistics indicate the risks of flying a helicopter are no different than flying fixed-wing aircraft. When helicopter accidents do occur, they are typically caused by human error rather than mechanical failure. The most common type of accident is a controlled flight into terrain (often hitting high ground), followed by wire strikes, running out of fuel and other human errors. You have to go way down the list before you see any type of mechanical failure.

MYTH: Helicopter engine failure causes you to fall out of the sky

If a helicopter engine fails, the pilot then puts the aircraft into a controlled descent. The air that comes up through the rotors keeps them turning enough for the pilot to maintain a level of control. He or she then simply needs to find a flat area to land, which is not difficult to do.

MYTH: Helicopters are extremely fragile

Many people are under the incorrect impression that helicopters are unable to cope with high winds, and are quite fragile. Even if they look incapable of standing up to weather, they are not. They are designed to be able to handle high-wind conditions with a skilled pilot behind the controls. In some ways, helicopters are easier to control during periods of strong wind than smaller airplanes are. For example, you do not need to land them going into the wind, and you are not as likely to be flung through the sky in an unpredictable or uncomfortable manner.

MYTH: Helicopters are outrageously expensive

While helicopters certainly are not cheap, they aren’t nearly as expensive as many people would have you believe. Believe it or not, you can purchase a helicopter secondhand for about the same price you’d pay for a luxury car. That doesn’t mean helicopters are necessarily a wise purchase for the average person, but it does add a bit of perspective to their cost. The cost of helicopter flying lessons is typically more expensive than the cost of pilot lessons for airplanes, but you certainly don’t need to be a millionaire to take it up as a hobby.

MYTH: Flying a helicopter is extremely difficult

In actuality, if you have sufficient coordination to drive a car, you are likely able to fly a helicopter as well. It will take some time and practice to learn maneuvers like hovering, but it is no harder to learn to fly a chopper than an airplane. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Have you heard any rumors or misconceptions about helicopters you’d like us to clear up? If so, contact us today at our helicopter company in Montana and we’ll provide you with accurate information.

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