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Understanding the Basics of Helicopter Safety

November 26, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Riding in a helicopter can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be extremely dangerous if you’re not sufficiently prepared. Both pilots and passengers need to take helicopter safety seriously—otherwise, one or more people could end up getting hurt, or even killed. Each helicopter company in Montana may have different rules they deliver to their passengers, but the basics are almost always the same across the entire industry. Rule #1 Just like you must listen to a safety briefing when flying on a commercial airplane, you need to listen to your pilot before your charter or tour flight in... View Article

Why Helicopters Are Great for First Responders

October 7, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Helicopters are widely used in a variety of industries and fields. News stations, for example, almost always have an “eye in the sky” to keep an eye on traffic or developing news situations in their areas. They are a staple of multiple branches of the military, are often used in work in stringing up new power lines and are frequently used for tourism. Helicopters are also ideal tools for first responders, for a variety of reasons. The movie San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, provided what was a bit of an over-dramatized look at the kind of work first... View Article

Preparing for Your First Helicopter Position

September 23, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Most insurance companies require you to have at least 500 hours of experience before they’ll start providing coverage to helicopter pilots, so it can be a little bit of a challenge to actually start regularly getting into the cockpit. You might also find it challenging to get a hold of senior chief pilots who will have the time to take you under their wing and give you some instruction about what you can do to actually get behind the controls. Eventually, though, you’re going to get your first helicopter position, and when you’ve got it, it’s important you’re prepared for... View Article

Tips for Helicopter Pilots

September 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Are you considering launching a career as a helicopter pilot? Perhaps you simply want to own a helicopter for personal use. Whether you want to open a helicopter company in Montana or simply make your jaunts to work quick and exciting, there are several things you should consider. Use the following tips to make your helicopter training and ownership proceed as smoothly as possible. For additional information, contact your local helicopter company in Montana. Research If you plan to jump into the world of helicopters, be ready to ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can. This... View Article

Things to Consider While Looking to Invest in a Helicopter

June 5, 2018 Leave your thoughts

You’ve probably occasionally dreamed of owning your own helicopter. You could take out for a flight on the weekends, then commute to work during the week. Owning a helicopter means you skip out on gridlocked traffic while getting the unique thrill that flying provides. While renting a helicopter is a good option for some, the freedom of owning a helicopter means you can customize it to your tastes and never have to compete for flight time. The good news is that owning a helicopter is now more accessible than ever. It’s a good idea to connect with a reputable helicopter... View Article