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Six Quick Tips About Air Tours

October 2, 2017 Leave your thoughts

There’s no better way to experience the Rocky Mountains than from up above. You can tour the majestic and awe-inspiring peaks of North America’s backbone by enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour in Montana over some of the nation’s tallest summits. Before joining an aerial tour of the Rockies, however, you should familiarize yourself with the exhilarating process of riding in a site-seeing helicopter:

  • Know where to sit: Depending on the aircraft being used for your tour, you may have a substantially better experience if you are in the front rather than the back of the vehicle. While weight is often the determining factor in the way that seating arrangements are made, it never hurts to ask for your desired seat.
  • When to fly: Helicopter tours in Montana are often most enjoyable during the late morning or very early afternoon. This is when the sun is at its highest, meaning that you are less likely to have portions of your views whited out by its brilliance. Additionally, the lack of long shadows will make it easier to see more details down below.
  • Check the safety record: You should read up on the safety record of your chosen tour company extensively prior to booking your trip with them. Once you are at the launch site of your tour, be sure to pay careful attention to the safety instructions that the operators provide to you.
  • Watch what you wear: Wearing dark colors is the best way to reduce glare coming off the window of your aircraft. If you are planning on taking photos during your helicopter tour in Montana, which you should be, you will want there to be as little reflection as possible. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear earrings or other jewelry.
  • Pre-medicate: If you are prone to motion sickness, you shouldn’t let a sick stomach keep you from enjoying the stunning scenery surrounding you during your helicopter tour in Montana. Take nausea medicine before boarding your tour, and bring an additional dose with you just in case you begin to experience symptoms during the flight.
  • Choose the right tour: Is there a particular peak that truly fascinates you? You should find the tour that covers the most desirable ground for you. Don’t be afraid to be too picky—joining an air tour is a substantial investment, and you should be absolutely sure that the experience will live up to your expectations prior to confirming your booking.

The great state of Montana is known for its pristine wilderness and stunning mountain vistas. You can enjoy the beautiful peaks of the High Rockies from a helicopter tour in Montana, and see areas that are virtually unreachable by any other means! Explore the best, most remote regions of the great northwest by taking an aerial tour.

Rocky Mountain Rotors is the premier provider of helicopter tours in Montana. You can experience our stunning vistas and exhilarating flights no matter your previous air-time or experience. Join one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides for the experience of a lifetime, and see the Rocky Mountains like you’ve never seen them before!

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