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What a Helicopter Company in Montana Can Offer You

July 21, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Helicopters offer a bird’s eye view of the world and can be a fantastic way to see an area, but aerial tours aren’t the only services offered by helicopter companies. Helicopter services can be used by tourists, real estate agents, landowners, photographers, filmmakers and people who want to learn how to fly. There are many different applications for helicopter services, from personal recreation to commercial needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the opportunities presented by a helicopter company in Montana:

  • Flight lessons: Flight lessons allow for individuals to take to the skies and enjoy the freedom that comes with operating a helicopter. Flight schools give student pilots the skills and abilities that they need to become pilots and work in a variety of fields. Trained pilots can offer private flights, provide commercial helicopter flight services or even become flight instructors themselves. It’s important to find a flight school with experienced instructors who will be able to provide you with the best training possible. You should also look into the reputation of a helicopter company before choosing them for your flight lessons.
  • Private and commercial charters: Private charters offer people a fun way to experience their surroundings, see beautiful scenery and get to their destination while enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience. Commercial charters are another important service provided by helicopter companies. From filmmakers to survey teams, there are a multitude of commercial clients who need to have access to helicopter charter services.
  • Aerial photography and cinematography: Sweeping landscape photos and videos can offer a visually striking addition to a creative project. A helicopter company in Montana can take photographers and cinematographers to new heights to see incredible sights like Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains.
  • Land surveys: When listing a house or piece of property, having high-quality land surveys is very important. Real estate surveys that are performed from helicopters offer accurate mapping, the ability to perform site planning and the opportunity for high-quality photographs that provide a bird’s eye view of a piece of land. These images provide buyers with the information that they need to make a decision about a purchase, and they can even attract more attention to your specific property listing.
  • Helicopter maintenance: If you own a helicopter, it is vitally important that you invest the time necessary to ensure that it is maintained and cared for properly. A helicopter company in Montana can offer inspection, maintenance and repair services that will allow you to take off with confidence in the safety of your aircraft.

Whether you want to ascend to new heights and explore the beauty of nature on a private charter flight or you are looking for land surveying services, you can trust Rocky Mountain Rotors to take you there. We have a team of experienced pilots who are trained to safely take you exactly where you want to go. Our helicopters come in several different sizes so that you can select the charter that meets your specific needs. Call us today to find out more about all of our services!

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