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Six Reasons To Take a Helicopter Tour in Montana

July 6, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Montana is often called “the last best place,” as it still contains areas untouched by civilization. You can still find spots where cell phone signals do not exist and it is easy to get lost. A helicopter tour in Montana is one of the best ways to see the state, as your vantage point produces a breathtaking view. Here are six reasons why you should consider a helicopter tour this summer:

  • Nature views: Montana contains lakes, rivers and snow-capped mountains. You can experience them all from the ground as you explore the area on foot, bike or horseback. But as many places are remote and outside of some people’s comfort zone, helicopter tours are an excellent way to see these features. As you safely fly over the mountain ranges, you will see prairie land, wildflowers, wildlife and forests.
  • You will see wildlife: When you are hiking or biking, animals are more likely to avoid you. It is easy to hike for a week and never see one elk or bear. Helicopters allow you to see more of them, and in their natural state. They are not fearful of you, and we do not fly low enough to interfere with their usual behavior. You will observe the unity of a wolf pack or watch grizzly bears teach their young how to fish. Consider this a Montana safari from the air!
  • View several parks in one trip: If you take a helicopter tour at the start of your vacation, you can see parks before you visit them. Imagine getting an aerial view of Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and Grand Teton Park before you hike, camp, boat or bike! You will see the landmarks in a light never observed before and will appreciate them more when you visit them from the ground.
  • No crowds: Visiting Yellowstone or Glacier, especially in the summer, guarantees crowds. You will enjoy the sites, but will also be on the constant lookout for other people. From the air, you can view as long as you wish and never worry about being in someone’s way. It becomes an immersive experience without the distraction of others. Consider it like having the national parks and Rocky Mountains all to yourself!
  • Personal approach: Large group tours that involve people herding more than site experience can be draining rather than educational. If the group is large enough, you may strain to hear what the guide is attempting to say. Our tours are personal and you will never miss a major site or awe-inspiring experience. We can even tailor the tour to your interests, whether they include wildlife, birds, landscapes or wildflowers.
  • Excellent photography: Aerial photography is a popular reason for taking a helicopter tour. This is true for professionals as well as visitors armed with nothing more than a camera phone. You can take pictures unlike any you’ve produced before and maintain memories of your experience.

To book a helicopter tour in Montana, contact Rocky Mountain Rotors today. We look forward to being part of your summer plans!

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