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Safety Tips for Your Helicopter Tour in Montana

January 26, 2017 Leave your thoughts

A helicopter tour in Montana is an exciting experience, and offers the prospect of seeing landmarks and other unmapped territories from a unique point of view. As you get ready for your trip, here are a few tips that will help keep you safe from the beginning to the end of your thrilling journey:

  • Pay attention: Before your tour, your pilot will fill you in on all of the rules and guidelines that pertain to the helicopter you will be flying in. The pilot will also educate you on what is expected of you as a passenger, so it will be important for you to pay close attention to all of this instructional information in order to remain safe for the duration of your flight.
  • Secure your belongings: As the engine and rotors start to rev up, the atmosphere will become quite windy. Be sure to safely secure all of your personal items before you approach the helicopter so they do not blow away. If you do lose something, it is best to let it go, as trying to chase it down could be unsafe.
  • Before your flight: Whether the helicopter for your tour has just landed or has been sitting for a while, do not hastily approach the aircraft. Wait until you are accompanied by a member of the crew and have been given the signal from the pilot that it’s safe before you begin approaching.
  • Approaching the helicopter: The safest way to approach a helicopter is from an angle. Once you have received the pilot’s signal that it is safe to board, always approach the helicopter from either the front right side or the front left side so that you will always be visible to your pilot. Although it is not inherently unsafe to approach a helicopter from straight on, the pilot might have a hard time seeing your approach from this position, so always err on the side of caution and take an angle. At no point is it safe to approach a helicopter from the rear, as all visibility for the pilot is blocked.
  • Always pay attention to the rotors: If the rotors are already in motion or about to start as you approach, always be mindful of their movements and your positioning in relation to them. As you approach the helicopter, particularly if the rotors are already spinning, remain in a crouched position to create as much space as possible between you and the rotors for safety.
  • Exiting: When your trip is over, be sure to wait for instruction from the pilot that it is safe to remove your seatbelt and exit the helicopter. As you exit, make sure to do so slowly and without any sudden movements, always keeping your personal safety in mind.

At Rocky Mountain Rotors, safety is always our utmost concern, and following these tips will ensure that you and your pilot have an enjoyable helicopter tour in Montana that you are able to experience safely. Give us a call to schedule your tour today!

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