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Why You Should Go on Winter Helicopter Tours in Montana

December 23, 2016 Leave your thoughts

The winter months are great for so many things: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, hot chocolate and curling up by the fireplace chief among them. One activity you may or may not have considered for this season is winter helicopter tours in Montana.

Most people tend to think of helicopter tours as a summertime activity. However, this is certainly not always the case. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider going on a helicopter tour this winter, whether you’re a Montana resident or planning a trip over the next couple months:

  • Greater availability: You’re probably not the only person who tends to think of helicopter tours as summertime activities. This means there’s going to be a whole lot more availability for tours during the winter months, as the summer tourist season will bring in so many more people looking to get up into the sky. You’ll have your pick of the days you wish to go flying, which gives you much more flexibility if you are planning a trip here from out of town or out of state.
  • Different scenery: Even if you’ve gone on a helicopter tour in the summer before, there’s no doubt that the winter scenery adds a completely different twist. Seeing snow-covered fields, hills and mountains is just an indescribably beautiful sight that everyone should experience from the air at least once. There’s something truly peaceful about seeing the entire terrain beneath you covered in white snow. Give it a try for yourself!
  • Vary your winter adventure: If you are planning a winter visit to Montana, you are likely coming primarily to go skiing or snowboarding. Chances are, you’re going to need a break at some point during your visit, or will want to add a little more variety to your trip. Not all of the same tourist hotspots are open during the winter as during the summer, so a helicopter trip is one of the best options you have to add in something new to your Montana adventure. When you’re all done, you can head back to the slopes or to wherever you’re staying to warm up by the fire and have some down time.
  • Check out the activity from above: You’ve probably had plenty of time to watch other people skiing or snowboarding from the ground. It can be fun to get a view of them from above, as well. While you won’t get close enough to see people’s distinct features, there is definitely something impressive about seeing how many people take to the slopes, and watching them all as little specks moving around the mountains.
  • It’s a lot of fun: What better reason do you need than this? No matter what time of year you go on a helicopter tour, you are going to have a whole ton of fun. That’s the whole reason you’re out here to begin with!

If you have any questions about our helicopter tours in Montana, or specifically how the tours work during the winter months, we encourage you to reach out to us today at Rocky Mountain Rotors.

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