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Call Us For Helicopter Maintenance in Montana

August 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Helicopter maintenance in Montana is a complex combination of maintenance, repairs, inspections and seemingly endless paperwork. It can be overwhelming to find a mechanic with the skills (much less the background) to understand all the compliance requirements associated with your aircraft. If you have a helicopter that needs attention, there is no doubt that you need experienced aircraft mechanics, and you can find us at Rocky Mountain Rotors. Here is what we can get accomplished for you:

  • 50/100-hour inspections: Most types of helicopters require a 50/100-hour inspection. It involves what you would expect in a frequent inspection: a review of all your systems and how they are functioning. Anything that seems problematic can then be fixed. Air flight is often hard on systems, and as we all know, you are in a much more serious situation if you break down in the air than when you are in your car driving on the highway. These are normally completed before or after daily standby. The more you fly, the more frequently the need for these inspections will arise.
  • Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP): You may have AAIP requirements in addition to the 50/100-hour inspections. For some types of helicopters, the AAIP replaces the traditional 50/100-hour inspection. The AAIP can be less time consuming, as it breaks down the inspection so there is comprehensiveness and efficiency in the process. These programs also take your helicopter’s unique features into consideration, which can be comforting if you fly for a specialized industry.
  • Annual inspections: Your annual inspection will check the same systems as the 50/100-hour inspection. However, this inspection is performed by a mechanic with an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification and an Inspection Authorization. This has to occur every 12 months—no exceptions. If you have a helicopter that is coming up on this requirement, schedule ahead to assure that you get it to our hangar in time.
  • Calendar inspections: Engine and airframe components have their own inspection schedule. Most will occur with the annual, 50/100-hour or AAIP inspection, but can also occur if any issues arise with the aircraft. Like the annual inspection, these cannot be overflown unless the FAA grants you an extension.
  • Airworthiness compliance: The FAA or manufacturer may require special inspections. You will find these in the directive or bulletin associated with your aircraft. This is more relevant with military aircraft than with commercial models, but be aware that you may need to fulfil new requirements if FAA regulations change or the manufacturer states a new preference.
  • Unscheduled maintenance: In addition to the inspections, something could simply go wrong with your helicopter. When you need repairs, that is considered unscheduled maintenance and will come with documentation requirements. Fortunately, experienced helicopter mechanics are familiar with these processes and will not only get your helicopter flying again, but also complete the needed compliance procedures.

Rocky Mountain Rotors has a combined 50 years of experience in helicopter maintenance in Montana. Contact us today and know that when your helicopter leaves our hangar, it is ready to offer you many safe flights.

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