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Three Important Distinctions to Look for in a Helicopter Company in Montana

May 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

When you are looking to hire a helicopter company in Montana for an exciting ride, flight instructions or even special filming opportunities, you need to know what to look for. While things like quality service, ample experience and reasonable prices are all important, perhaps the most crucial things to look for are certifications and memberships. These things are concrete proof that your helicopter company knows what it is doing, and that it has the proper training to do so. With that in mind, here is a closer look at three important distinctions to look for in a helicopter company in Montana.

FAA accreditation

The Federal Aviation Administration, also known as the FAA, exists to ensure safety in the skies. The FAA oversees commercial airplanes, individual helicopters and everything in between.

An FAA accreditation is important because it shows that your pilot, and the entire helicopter company, has received extensive safety training. If you plan to take flight lessons, learning from someone who understands all the best practices will make learning safety much easier. Even if you are only a passenger, it will give you peace of mind to know your pilot understands flight safety to the fullest.

HAI membership

The Helicopter Association International exists for the advancement of the international helicopter community. In practice, that means it promotes safety, networking and education for individual helicopter owners and helicopter companies alike.

Picking a helicopter company in Montana that belongs to HAI is beneficial in a few ways. First, it ensures safety during your flight. Second, it gives helicopter companies the chance to network and learn more about best practices, which will mean a smoother, more enjoyable flight for you and your guests. And more importantly, it gives you the peace of mind that your helicopter pilot is completely legitimate. Ultimately, an HAI membership is a sign that you have picked a fine helicopter company.

SAG pilot

SAG stands for the Screen Actors Guild, which is a union that virtually every screen actor is a part of, from commercial extras to Hollywood movie stars.

You might be wondering, “Why on Earth do I need a pilot who can act?” Well, if you are only flying for enjoyment, it probably does not matter either way. But let’s say you are a director or producer who wants to shoot a movie or TV scene on a helicopter. You need a pilot whom SAG will allow to be onscreen, which means that they need to be SAG affiliated.

This might not be a need that comes up everyday, but it certainly does come in handy. And even if you are just flying for fun, picking a SAG pilot may give you a chance to hear some pretty interesting stories.

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If you are looking for a helicopter company in Montana that is FAA accredited, belongs to HAI and employs a SAG pilot, then you need look no further than Rocky Mountain Rotors. Our team of pilots looks forward to giving you and your guests a safe, comfortable, beautiful and exciting experience.

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