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The Convenience of a Local Helicopter Hangar in Bozeman, MT

April 5, 2019 Leave your thoughts

If you own your own helicopter, you know just how much work and care goes into keeping your aircraft looking and flying beautifully throughout the year. Whether or not you have the space to store your helicopter on your own property, you might wonder if it’d be more convenient to keep your helicopter at a private hangar.

You’ll likely be pleased to learn that your inclination is right: the best option for aircraft storage in Montana is at a helicopter hangar. Why? Read on to see some of the benefits of choosing this storage decision:

  • No worries: No matter what’s happening weather-wise—from a blizzard with 50-mile-per-hour winds to a 12-hour storm of pounding hail—you can rest easy knowing that your helicopter is safe and sound inside the strong confines of a hangar. Think about how much nicer it would be to not have to worry about your aircraft or rush out to the parking area to make sure nothing’s damaged. Instead, you can sit in the cozy comfort of your own home during bad weather knowing your investment is well protected.
  • Aircraft amenities: On top of security and safety, hangars also offer the convenience of hook-ups for things like fuel and maintenance that you won’t find in a yard or parking area. This way, you can easily store your helicopter and fuel up when you want to take a spin. Whether you’re taking a pleasure tour or jetting to a business meeting in another city, you want to be able to hop in the helicopter easily without factoring in an extra stop for fuel or a maintenance check.
  • Great service at your fingertips: Hangars are staffed with professionals who understand the business of planes and helicopters and can assist you with any needs like maintenance or fueling. A quick call to the local hangar will connect you with someone who can easily fill your tank so that your aircraft is ready to take to the sky once you arrive at the hangar. This is an especially useful benefit if you live in a different city from where you store your aircraft. It’s nice to be able to call someone up and have them check on your helicopter if you’re feeling worried from afar.

There are many more reasons why you should choose a private hangar for aircraft storage in Montana, but it’s also important to choose the right one. Look no further than Rocky Mountain Rotors, a company with over a decade of experience in helicopter maintenance and charters.

Since 2006, Rocky Mountain Rotors has offered locals and enthusiastic visitors a range of charter experiences. We charter people on breathtaking trips through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, assist with aerial filming for movies or TV shows and provide executive charters or tours. On top of our normal focus on flying and maintenance, we will soon offer a beautiful space for you to store your helicopter or plane. Give us a call today to find out more about what you can expect!

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