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Where to Safely Store Your Aircraft

March 22, 2019 Leave your thoughts

An aircraft is a beautiful but expensive machine, so if you own one, you understand just how important it is to protect your investment. Though there are many ways to take care of your plane, including keeping it clean and maintaining the engines and other mechanics, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is how to store it. There are two main options for this: to tie your plane down or to store it in a hangar.

If you’re wondering whether you’re in need of a hangar in Montana, read on to see the advantages and disadvantages of these storage options.

Tying Down Your Plane

One choice for plane storage is to tie your plane’s wings and tail down to designated tie-down points at your local airport. To do this, make sure that you keep the rope tight, but with about one inch of movement to avoid putting stress on the plane. You should also check that the airport’s tie-down points follow recommendations to resist up to 3,000 pounds.

The main advantage to tying down your plane is price. It’s understandably much cheaper to keep your plane outside rather than under the protection of a hangar. However, although the low price is alluring, there are several drawbacks to using this method. The main problem is that when left outside, your plane is open to all the elements. Any strong storms, hail, excessive snow, etc. will have contact with the plane. This can cause you to need repairs, which is something that might end up costing a lot if it’s a big problem.

Another risk is the other planes near yours outside. If a fellow pilot doesn’t properly tie down his plane, it might crash into yours right in the parking area, perhaps because of high winds. This can cause a very expensive repair.

Using an Airplane Hangar

The other storage option is to park your plane in an airplane hangar. This indoor storage place will do one thing very well: protect your plane from any poor weather or natural disasters. This can give you a lot of peace of mind, especially if you live in an area of the country with harsh weather.

Of course, parking in an indoor space is much more expensive than tying down your plane. T-shaped hangars are made for one plane, and you’ll pay a premium for these, whereas shared hangars are a bit cheaper. Sharing a hangar comes with its own risks, often known as “hangar rash,” including things like dents or other cosmetic problems that might result from packing too many planes into one space.

For most people, finding a good airplane hangar in Montana is clearly the right choice, especially when high-quality hangar storage is available. We’re happy to announce that this will soon be the case at Rocky Mountain Rotors! Our company, which is certified and accredited, specializes in chartering helicopters for tours and providing helicopter flight training. On top of this, we will soon offer safe and professional hangars for you to store your plane or helicopter. Call today for more information!

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