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Twin Engine vs. Single Engine Helicopters: What’s the Difference?

February 5, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Based on the name, this may seem like a straightforward topic. The difference between a single engine helicopter and a double engine helicopter is the number of engines, right? While that may be true, there’s more to the story. Your helicopter charter company in Montana offers the full scoop.

When it comes to various types of helicopters, many of the features and capabilities differ. The regulations that govern their use also differ. Use the following guide to gain a better understanding of the differences and decide which is best for your next flight.

City Flight or Country Flight?

You’re probably aware that helicopters and other aerial vehicles must adhere to strict flight guidelines. One of these directives includes the number of engines a helicopter must have for certain flight patterns. In some places, pilots can only fly twin engine helicopters in urban areas, not single engine, or are restricted to certain airway lanes in the region.

Why? This is for safety reasons. The thought process is that one engine can fail and the pilot will still be able to finish the flight smoothly and land safely. If a helicopter has a single engine, and that one fails during a flight over a heavily populated area, the resulting emergency descent could put many people in danger in addition to those on board the helicopter charter in Montana.

Night Flight or Day Flight?

Some helicopter charter companies in Montana also recommend twin engine helicopters for night flights. This is again for safety reasons. Since flying at night poses additional challenges, it’s nice to have the extra engine in place in case of mechanical problems.

Easy Landing or Tough Landing?

For some helicopter charters in Montana, twin engine helicopters are recommended due to the landing conditions. Some landings are more difficult than others. For example, landing in a wooded area is more challenging than in an open field. When these tough spots must be reached, it can be good to use a twin-engine helicopter.

The Controversy

While the idea of safety in numbers when it comes to helicopter engines is popular, not everyone agrees on the issue. Many argue that the second engine doesn’t really make the flight any safer. They point out that many helicopter models could not function with only one engine. The style requires two engines, so the failure of one is just like an engine failure in a single engine model.

The debate continues among pilots, mechanics and helicopter charter companies in Montana. Regardless of which side is correct, everyone has to abide by the flight regulations of each region.

Learn More

To discover more about twin engine and single engine helicopters, contact the knowledgeable professionals at Rocky Mountain Rotors. We’ve been the go-to source for helicopter charters throughout the region for over a decade. Our full line of services includes touring, photo flights of the beautiful Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, air tours, helicopter flight training at our renowned school, aerial filming for movies and helicopter maintenance. Our highly trained staff can answer any questions you have and help you determine if a twin engine or single engine helicopter is best for your next helicopter charter in Montana.

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