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Myth Busting: Yes, You Can Enjoy Helicopter Flights in Montana in the Winter!

February 21, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Have you been told that winter is the worst time to fly? Maybe you’ve been warned to keep your feet on the ground until warm weather returns. Is this really necessary? Is it impossible to take a fun, safe helicopter flight in Montana in the winter?

Actually, winter can provide some of the best flying times! Don’t miss out on helicopter flights in Montana just because Jack Frost may want to come along for the ride. Get up in the air in winter and take advantage of the following benefits of winter helicopter flights in Montana.

Smoother Flight

Cooler temperatures improve the performance of helicopter flights in Montana. If you want the smoothest ride possible, try a winter charter. The belief that winter is bad for flying stems from the challenges of snow and ice. While the presence of these conditions on landing ports and runways do warrant caution and extra safety measures, experienced pilots know how to navigate them. If takeoff and landing conditions are too poor, they simply won’t go. Meanwhile, the time in the crisp air offers smooth sailing.

Spectacular Views

Snow-covered landscapes can provide incredible views. Many people only consider taking helicopter flights in Montana during fall, spring and summer. While these views are beautiful as well, they offer entirely different experiences than looking out over a breathtaking blanket of snow. A winter flight provides the opportunity to see nature and wildlife without the summer foliage and get a glimpse of like-new surroundings.

Seasonal Scheduling

You might be surprised at the ease of scheduling helicopter flights in Montana in the winter. Since many believe they must wait for spring to enjoy a flight, you could encounter shorter wait times and easier scheduling in the winter. It’s kind of like going to a restaurant at 4:30 p.m. instead of 6:30 p.m. The food tastes just as good—you just don’t have to wait for an hour to be seated!

Special Training

For those who are concerned about winter safety issues, keep in mind that pilots are specially trained for all conditions. An experienced pilot will know when conditions are optimal for flight and when to stay on the ground. You can rest assured that you will enjoy a safe, smooth helicopter flight in Montana, even in the winter.

Social Fun

Do you need one more reason to try a winter helicopter flight in Montana? How about the fact that it’s fun? Winter can become long and dreary if you don’t get out and try to enjoy it. A helicopter charter is a great opportunity to appreciate the season, socialize with friends and family, celebrate a special occasion or simply try something different this season.

Don’t Let the Snow Stop You

If you’d like to experience helicopter flights in Montana, contact the professional team at Rocky Mountain Rotors. All of our pilots are highly trained mountain pilots, and all maintenance is performed by our factory trained mechanics at rocky mountain maintenance. We offer a variety of services, including executive helicopter charters and touring, photo flights of the beautiful Yellowstone and Teton National Parks and air tours. Contact us today to schedule your next flight.

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