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Tips for a First-Time Passenger on a Helicopter Charter in Montana

August 22, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Helicopter charters in Montana offer excitement, convenience and incomparable views. But if you’ve never before taken flight in a helicopter, you might be unsure what to expect. It’s not uncommon for passengers to experience a bit of anxiety before their first ride.

Fortunately, professional helicopter charters in Montana are extremely safe. Top-level protocols are in place to ensure passenger safety and enjoyment. For those who are struggling with a bit of uncertainty, use the following guide to make your first helicopter excursion smooth and satisfying.

What to Bring

Most first-time passengers who book a helicopter charter in Montana wonder what they should bring with them for the flight. The answer is: not much. All you need is your camera or phone to capture the gorgeous scenery! (And maybe a pair of sunglasses.) Your professional helicopter staff takes care of the rest.

What to Wear

Dress comfortably. You won’t be traveling at high enough altitudes that it will make much difference in temperature, and the helicopters have built-in air-conditioning and heating. Simply dress for the weather of the season, and you’ll be fine.

What About Turbulence?

Many first-time passengers have flown in airplanes, and they incorrectly assume that turbulence on a helicopter will be similar or worse than what they have experienced on a plane. The truth is, turbulence in a helicopter is virtually non-existent. The aircraft’s design makes it respond quite differently to airflow than airplanes. Thanks to the body and blade structure, passengers generally don’t feel a thing. Prepare yourself for a smooth ride!

What About Safety?

You will receive complete safety reviews before boarding the helicopter. Staff will review all safety protocols and answer any questions you have before takeoff. All pilots and mechanics are highly trained and possess in-depth knowledge and skill to keep the helicopters in top condition and all passengers safe.

But I’m Nervous…

Even the most nervous passengers start to relax once they’re airborne. The smooth flight and amazing views create a fun and care-free ride.

What About Noise?

Each passenger is equipped with noise-canceling headsets for easy communication. You can hear everything the pilot says, ask the pilot questions and carry on conversations with your fellow passengers.

Why Charter?

Many first-time passengers don’t realize the full range of possibilities made available by helicopter charters in Montana. You can arrange a charter for executive flights, client entertaining, tourism, photo flights of Yellowstone and Teton National Parks and aerial filming for movies. If you need a helicopter for another reason, just ask! This convenient and affordable mode of transport is available for a full range of opportunities.

Get More Tips

Do you have additional questions or concerns about your first helicopter charter in Montana? Whether you’ve never flown before or it’s your 100th flight, the staff at Rocky Mountain Rotors is always available to answer any questions you have. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Contact us today with any concerns or to make arrangements for your next charter. We look forward to taking you to new heights!

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