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Why You Should Let a Professional Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Helicopter

July 9, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Helicopters are marvelous, intricate pieces of machinery. If your company or organization is fortunate enough to own one, you probably know how much care has to go into keeping them running. Lots of repairs and maintenance must be done to operate the helicopter safely before, during and after it flies in the air.

For this reason, you’ll want to entrust your helicopter to a reliable, knowledgeable professional who is capable of servicing it to its full functionality. Someone who doesn’t know a thing about helicopter maintenance in Montana is more than likely going to break something, costing you a lot more money to have it fixed.

Additionally, you use your helicopter to transport people—whether it’s just you and your team members, the public or close family and friends. You never want to be in the air in a helicopter that you aren’t certain has passed every test. Faulty parts could put your life and many others’ at risk if something were to happen. This is why routine maintenance is extremely important—it could mean the difference between life and death.

Finding a reliable helicopter technician

Because of the risks involved, you know that your helicopter needs to be put into reliable hands to have routine maintenance completed. But how can you find such a company?

Here are a few traits that your helicopter maintenance provider should have:

  • Experience: This almost goes without saying, but the professional maintenance company you choose should be staffed with experienced pros well versed in helicopter mechanics. Helicopters can be difficult to fix and maintain, so only someone with many years of experience will know their way around the machines well enough to fix them completely so you can feel secure.
  • Access to parts: You want all your maintenance to be done as efficiently as possible so you can get your chopper back up in the air. While maintaining or repairing your helicopter, the professional you choose should have access to any and all parts so replacements can be accomplished easily and quickly.
  • Certifications: Look for a company that is authorized to work on major helicopter brands like Bell. If the major brand has put their faith in the company, it usually means they have demonstrated their expertise and your helicopter will be safe with them, too.
  • Passion: Nobody wakes up one day and decides they’re going to work on helicopters for a living. The people you hire should share a passion for flying and understand the intricate details about helicopters because they love them, not just because they are paid to work on them. When your maintenance pros have this passion, you know they’ll pour their heart and soul into finishing the job right.

At Rocky Mountain Rotors, our team is filled with highly trained pilots and factory trained mechanics who love flying. We are your foremost authority on all types of helicopter services. Experience excellence when you come to us for helicopter charters and touring, photo flights, flight training and helicopter maintenance in Montana. We specialize in Bell and Robinson helicopters, but will be more than happy to work on whatever model you bring in. Call us today!

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