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Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Real Estate Photographers

May 9, 2018 Leave your thoughts

It might be tempting to try to save a bit of money by taking photos of a property yourself. Every smartphone these days is basically an excellent camera, so who will know the difference, right? However, the reality is that potential buyers will know the difference. A professional real estate photographer will capture the property in a way an amateur can’t.

With today’s discerning buyers, you want every opportunity you can get. Making that all-important first impression with an eye-catching shot of the property is the way to go. Better yet, find quality aerial photography in Montana to highlight the aspects of the property that are the most unique. You won’t regret spending a bit more when you see the interest generated by these outstanding photos of your property!

Get those clicks

Research has shown that high-quality professional photos of real estate simply draw more attention than their amateur counterparts. Think about it: it’s more important than ever to make a great first impression. You want the photo to look different than everything else out there, to cut through all the noise. Buyers are searching for new homes on the internet and making their decisions about which properties to investigate very quickly. In fact, almost nine in 10 potential buyers start their process on the internet.

The best way to bring in these potential buyers is to hire a professional who will capture the property beautifully. And it’s not just clicks, either—another study found that homes with strong, well-composed photos sold at higher prices, as well.

Keep up with the competition

With high-priced listings, it’s absolutely essential to have a professional photographer. This is because everyone else is doing it, and not having a high-quality photo will make the property appear less valuable. In the mid-market category, the house will stand out from the competition with the help of a professional photographer.

Here’s another idea: really set your listing apart by using aerial photography. You’ll get a unique perspective on the property that won’t be like the other listings. People will pay attention when they see that different bird’s eye view.

Help yourself by bringing in a professional

The real estate business is tough enough as it is—you don’t need to go through the hassle and take the time to photograph properties yourself. Plus, editing the photos is a whole other skill. By hiring a professional real estate photographer, you can pass off all those concerns to someone who really knows what they’re doing. From making sure the lighting looks good to composing a perfect virtual tour, a trained photographer is the way to go.

If you’re thinking about hiring an expert in aerial photography in Montana, consider Rocky Mountain Rotors. As the state’s top helicopter chartering company, we have professionals on staff with expertise in aerial photography and have worked with a range of clients. We have numerous helicopter options to suit any property and budget needs. Contact Rocky Mountain Rotors today for a free consultation and to learn more about our services.

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