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The Importance of Winter Helicopter Maintenance in Montana

December 6, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Montana is a great place to own a helicopter. Big Sky Country is known for its rugged landscape, stunning scenery and prominent peaks. If you are proud helicopter owner, you may be wondering how you can enjoy safe and picturesque flights throughout the entirety of the year. The Rocky Mountain Range is also home to harsh weather and occasionally bitter conditions, so understanding the importance of routine winter helicopter maintenance in Montana is an essential part of staying safe and ensuring that you land without incident during your offseason flights.

It’s extremely important to service your helicopter before taking it out in potentially adverse conditions. Because the Rocky Mountain weather can shift without warning, you should have an aircraft that can navigate and maneuver without issue. Here are just some of the things a professional technician will do during a routine maintenance appointment:

  • Oil change: Helicopters require regular oil changes, just like cars! Fresh oil keeps your engine running as it should, and prevents buildup of gunk and deposits. Keep your rotors running smoothly, and ensure that your engine doesn’t suffer unnecessary damage by bringing your aircraft in for a winter maintenance appointment before it’s too late.
  • Battery upkeep: Cold weather can adversely affect the way that your battery operates, and substantially reduces its lifespan. If you are planning to bring in your aircraft for a winter maintenance appointment, be sure to bring it in to a reputable technician capable of checking your battery’s overall health and reliability.
  • Compass swing: Winter storms can cause whiteout conditions, meaning that pilots are completely blind except for the data displayed on their instruments. Ensure that you can get home safely by paying for a professional compass swing. This difficult procedure ensures that the measurements displayed by your aircraft instruments are correct.
  • Balance the rotors: If your main rotor or tail rotor is off balance, it can make for a very uncomfortable flight, as well as permanently damage your engine! Off-balance rotors cause excessive vibration within your cabin, adversely affect the aircraft’s maneuverability and can put unnecessary stress on the engine and crank shaft.
  • Magneto analysis: The magneto ensures that your helicopter engine can start, regardless of the health of its alternator or battery. The magneto keeps the ignition system separate from the rest of the electric system. During your appointment for winter helicopter maintenance in Montana, your technician will ensure that the magneto is working.

Since 2006, Rocky Mountain Rotors has been providing tours, charters and helicopter maintenance in Montana. We are proud to be one of the state’s premier resources for helicopter pilots of all skill levels and abilities. Whether you’re a new pilot looking to boost your flying skills and keep your aircraft in good repair or a seasoned ace with decades of flying under your belt, we’re here to help you meet your goals and stay safe in the air. If you are looking for someone to assist you with winter maintenance, reach out to one of our helpful representatives today!

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