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Getting the Most Out of Aerial Photography in Montana

June 6, 2017 Leave your thoughts

While there is no shortage of beautiful photographs of Montana’s unique landscape from the ground, aerial photography offers a whole new level of breathtaking images. From the air, photographers can capture the vastness of the landscape and shoot from a perspective that people seldom have the opportunity to see. Aerial photography tours from helicopter charters are a fantastic way to experience natural beauty and take amazing images to add to your portfolio. Since the opportunity to take aerial photographs doesn’t present itself everyday, you want to be certain that your aerial photography session is as productive and successful as possible. Embark on your photography adventure prepared, and you are certain to be happy with the result.

Planning your session

The first thing that you should think about when you are planning your photography session is what kind of images you want to capture. Thankfully, aerial photography in Montana has no shortage of incredible photographic opportunities. From the striking peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the stunning features of Yellowstone, the natural beauty that you can experience from the sky is a dream come true for any landscape photographer. Consider what you want to capture and make sure to communicate your desired shots to the helicopter charter that you choose.

Once you’re ready to embark on your flight, it is essential that you have the proper equipment in tow. Bring along your desired photography equipment and make sure that your shutter speed and camera settings are calibrated for the types of shots that you are looking to capture. Even simple changes to camera settings and attachments can make a significant difference in the quality of your photos. It is worth doing some research into which settings and lenses work best for the type of photography that you will be doing. If you come prepared with the right equipment, you will likely be happy with the final result of your photography session.

Choosing the right charter

One of the most important aspects of planning your aerial photography session is choosing the right flight charter. You want to select a helicopter charter that has fantastic pilots, a good selection of helicopters to choose from and experience offering services to aerial photographers and cinematographers. Make sure that the charter you are booking will fly to the locations where you want to capture your shots, and ask about their recommendations when it comes to ideal and unique locations for aerial photography in Montana.

At Rocky Mountain Rotors, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer fantastic helicopter chartering services to a wide variety of clients. Our aerial photography tours are perfect for photographers who are looking to capture the perfect shot of the natural beauty that can be found in Montana. We can take you to visually striking locations such as the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone and the Tetons for some amazing opportunities to photograph incredible natural beauty. Contact us today to schedule your helicopter photography tour and get ready to experience a photography session unlike any other!

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