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Choosing Between Drones and Helicopters for Aerial Cinematography in Montana

May 23, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Capturing those sweeping shots of beautiful natural landscapes is an exciting project to embark on for any cinematographer or filmmaker. When you begin planning aerial cinematography in Montana, you will likely be presented with the choice between drone cinematography and helicopter cinematography. While your first inclination might be to allow cost to influence your decision, there are many other factors to consider. You want to be sure that you are getting the best content possible for your project and that your cinematography reflects the beauty of the area that you are attempting to capture:

  • Equipment: Since the quality of your aerial shots is largely determined by the quality of your equipment, you want to make sure that you have the best implements and tools at your disposal while you are filming. While you can fit drones with high quality camera and filming equipment, there are some limitations, such as weight and size. When you choose to charter a helicopter for your aerial photography, you can choose to bring your best filming equipment without worrying too much about size and weight restrictions.
  • Flight duration: Even the highest quality drone technology has its restrictions when it comes to flight time. Drones tend to have a relatively short flight time, which means that you have a limited window in which to capture your shots. Helicopters, however, are able to sustain flight for much longer periods of time, which means that you will have the ability to take your time to ensure that you are happy with the film that you capture.
  • Focus: If you’ve ever captured aerial footage using a drone, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of attempting to operate the controls while still trying to focus on the film you are capturing. Drones can be difficult to navigate, especially if you haven’t had much experience with them. When you choose a helicopter charter for aerial cinematography in Montana, you can focus on capturing stunning shots without occupying your thoughts with navigation and operation of the helicopter itself. Experienced pilots will be able to fly the helicopter in such a way that you are given the best possible filming opportunities.
  • Range: When it comes to range, there really is no contest between helicopters and drones. Drones will not be able to sustain altitude or distance for significant periods of time. In some cases, local regulations even prohibit a certain flight height for drones, which can severely limit your ability to film. In a helicopter, you can sustain altitude and travel long distances, giving you the opportunity to capture mountain peaks and forested landscapes in sweeping, sustained shots.

Take advantage of all of the benefits that aerial cinematography in Montana has to offer with help from Rocky Mountain Rotors. Our team of highly trained and experienced mountain pilots can assist you in capturing breathtaking aerial footage for your next project. We can take you on scenic helicopter tours of the most beautiful places in Montana that offer striking footage. If you’d like to find out more about our charter services, give us a call!

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