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Six Tips for Your First Adventure with Aerial Photography in Montana

April 7, 2017 Leave your thoughts

When the opportunity arises for aerial photography in Montana, you want to take advantage of it in the best way possible! Aerial photography is different from other types, and you will need to prepare for it. Otherwise, you risk equipment damage and subpar pictures. Here are six tips for assuring your best photos when you take an aerial photography adventure:

  • Invest in a camera tether: Losing your camera is always a risk in the air. The problem is, not only will this deprive you of expensive equipment, but you also risk the camera, tripods and other equipment flying up into the rotors and damaging them, which can cut a flight short. Neck straps are helpful if all you have is one camera, or you can add a clutch strap too. There is also a product called The Leash which is designed for securing equipment while flying. Basically, you do not want to leave on your adventure without some way of securing your camera in case a wind gust attempts to take it from you.
  • Leave your lens hood: You do not usually require the lens hood on these ventures. There is plenty of shade already, and they are insecure pieces. If you do not remove it before you go, you risk having it fly off and damage the aircraft. Learn techniques for avoiding lens flares and you will not miss this item.
  • Wear gloves: Even if it is 85 degrees on the ground, it will be colder in the air. Cold hands frequently drop photography equipment and make your trip unpleasant. Wool glove liners work well, but be sure they offer enough tactile support so your camera does not slip around in your hands. There are specially made “photography gloves,” but many find that normal glove liners work just as well.
  • Manage vibration: Helicopters and small aircraft frequently have trouble with vibration. Your photos will turn out blurry even if you set your camera correctly and feel you keep it steady. Use your image stabilization setting if you have it. That often minimizes the effect. If you shoot through a window, do not let the lens touch it.
  • Know your camera: If you have not taken a digital photography class before you take your tour, it is recommended. Using the right lens and settings makes all the difference in the world. Also, learning about the effects of light will enhance your pictures. If you’ve already studied all these elements, know that they will behave differently in the air. Aerial photography requires some rudimentary photo knowledge that will need to be adjusted to the environment once you are up there.
  • Bring extra cards and batteries: Cold temperatures can drain your batteries, and you will likely be excited enough to take many pictures. Bring extra memory cards and batteries for this occasion. It would be disappointing to end the fun prematurely because you lack power or memory space.

Rocky Mountain Rotors offers opportunities for aerial photography in Montana through tours for both fun and commercial purposes. Call us today to schedule your ride or join one of our charters.

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