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Make Your Event Unique with a Helicopter Charter in Montana

March 24, 2017 Leave your thoughts

A helicopter charter in Montana is not just limited to your dream vacation. It can add new dynamics to any special day or event. There are likely opportunities for hiring helicopters that you never considered. Here are five events that can benefit from a helicopter charter:

  • Community fundraiser: Imagine the turnout you will enjoy if you add helicopter rides to your next fundraiser. If you are holding an outdoor event this summer in a scenic area, we have helicopters that can accommodate the environment. Charge our usual fees and add a little extra to go towards your cause. This can be a pull for attendance, as well as another way to bring in donations!
  • Corporate promotions: If you have foreign partners visiting or you are recruiting a new executive, a helicopter tour offers a unique draw. You show your innovation and introduce them to the beauty around you, while also giving them memories for life. Besides promotions, corporations often hire out our helicopters for retreats, festivals and training efforts to offer additional fun and relaxation. Employee morale is important for any business, and a unique adventure is one way to enhance it. Our services add something extra to corporate exchanges and events.
  • Festivals: Does your town or company have an anniversary this year? It may be the foundation, incorporation or other major event that launched your entity’s existence. Perhaps it was a success milestone like meeting a profit goal or recognizing an important day. Festivals occur for reasons that are just as diverse as the entities holding them. Besides the usual snacks, petting zoos and carnival rides, consider adding a helicopter charter. Helicopters are fascinating to people, but there are many who’ve never ridden in one before. Offer them the opportunity!
  • Birthdays: Many people do not want presents for their birthdays, but experiences. Older and younger birthday celebrants alike will enjoy our charters. For many people of different ages, the helicopter charter is a bucket list item since there are frequently few opportunities to take them. This is a unique way to fly and see the scenery. It is nothing like being on an airplane. If you or a loved one have a milestone birthday coming up, consider a helicopter charter. You may even decide to feature our services at an outdoor party so all your guests get to enjoy this opportunity!
  • Wedding proposals: Maybe popping the question in a restaurant environment just seems too mundane. If your loved one enjoys scenery and adventure, add more to the memory with an in-the-air proposal! You can even extend this experience by hiring us for the wedding so you and your intended can enjoy a dramatic fly-in. Helicopters can take off and land virtually anywhere, so feel free to ask about ideal sites if you get the answer you desired from the proposal!

If you seek a helicopter charter in Montana, call Rocky Mountain Rotors. We offer private and commercial charters and look forward to being a part of your event or special day.

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