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Flight Training in Montana: An Introduction to Pilot Licensing Options

February 9, 2017 Leave your thoughts

There are quite a few types of pilot certifications available, and the type of flying you want to do will ultimately determine what type of flight training in Montana you seek out. Here are a few of the different certifications that you could consider based on your piloting goals:

  • Private pilot license: This is the first type of license that every pilot is required to have, no matter what their future plans may be. The education and training involved in this course will lay the groundwork for all types of flying, and it is in this course that you will learn the basics that all other types of classes build upon. Upon obtaining this license, you will be cleared for private flying in a helicopter by yourself, and the type of flying you want to do in the future will determine what types of certifications you will pursue next.
  • Commercial pilot license: If you would like to offer your piloting services for hire, you will need to add your commercial pilot license. Since this type of flying will involve the safety of other passengers in addition to yourself, the training will be more extensive than private licensing courses, and you will be tested against a higher standard.
  • Instrument-only license: Instrument flying involves the piloting of a helicopter using the instruments only, on the occasions when you are not able to use visual references. This type of license will be useful if you plan on taking trips during the night, or if you happen to get caught in a storm or inclement weather when visibility is compromised. The training provided by this course is good to have, even if you don’t explicitly plan to fly in adverse conditions, because you never know when the weather might take a turn for the worse and you will be forced to fly under Instrument Flight Rules.
  • Airline transit pilot: If your goal is to one day fly for a commercial airline company, you will have to obtain your airline transit pilot certificate, as this is now a requirement for all pilots who desire to command commercial airplanes. You would be responsible for multiple passengers with each flight, so the training involved will be much more intensive than all of the other courses, as this is one of the most advanced types of licensing that a pilot can achieve.

There are numerous ratings and certifications that you can add down the line in a-la-carte fashion depending on what type of piloting you want to do, and taking additional courses will only serve to make you a more well-rounded and appealing pilot if you want to pilot as a profession. Additional flight training in Montana could even put you in a position to one day teach piloting classes of your own. Rocky Mountain Rotors offers all of these courses and much more, so be sure to contact us today to learn more about the training and services that we can offer you.

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