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Benefits of Becoming a Helicopter Pilot Through Flight Training in Montana

October 27, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Some people want to learn to play an instrument, while others may want horseback riding lessons—but you cannot wait to get your pilot’s license. So, aside from wanting to obtain your license to get a job flying a helicopter, what are some of the other benefits of enrolling in flight training in Montana to become a helicopter pilot? Let’s run through a few of them right now:

  • Enjoy the view anytime: Now that you’ve earned your private helicopter pilot license, the sky is your oyster. Watch the sunrise from the comforts of your own helicopter while the sun does its thing, or check out an aerial view of the glistening water of your favorite lake on a sunny day. Basically, get up there and experience all that nature has to offer from a different view on your own time.
  • Flying is exciting: If you have your pilot’s license, then you likely have a fascination with flying. Of course, the mere act of flying yourself around in a big machine is thrilling, but being at the controls of a helicopter can give you a boost of much needed confidence. Since you have the power, make sure the ride is exciting each and every time.
  • Travel convenience: There are many advantages for pilots who own a personal aircraft. First, no more waiting in long lines at the airport to get through security. You’ll also wave goodbye to baggage fees and restrictions on the things you carry onboard with you. Another convenience is that your pets can ride shotgun instead of having to endure long hours below a commercial airplane. But the best thing of all is there’s no chance that an annoying stranger is going to wedge into the seat next to you.
  • Land almost anywhere: Now that you’re cleared to fly on your own, you can take off and explore all sorts of areas, both in the air and on the ground after landing. A big advantage to flying a helicopter instead of a plane is that you are not limited to having to use a runway; you can land just about anywhere. This opens up the possibilities for fun adventures in hard-to-reach places—like checking out a lake in the middle of a wooded cluster or the top of a snowy mountain peak.
  • Get you time: Armed with your pilot’s license and the skills you learned from flight training in Montana, you can take to the sky whenever you want, to go wherever you want. Up in your helicopter no one can bother you, which means you can enjoy a relaxing time overlooking a breathtaking view free of interruptions. Head out for a nighttime flight and it will be just you, your thoughts and the stars.

Now that you know some of the benefits of enrolling in flight training in Montana, it’s time to take the first step toward becoming a licensed pilot. To ensure your spot and enjoy training with the best instructors, give the team at Rocky Mountain Rotors a call.

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