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How Ranch Survey Flights in Montana Can Help Your Beef Operation

August 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Raising beef is time- and resource-intensive, and you want to make sure that everything is in order for successful sales at market. Ranch survey flights in Montana prove themselves instrumental and help assure the healthy development of grazing cattle. Here is what our survey flights can do for you when it comes to maintaining and improving your cattle operation:

  • Land survey: The basic purpose of the ranch survey flight matches that of traditional land surveys. You likely perform those on a regular basis, but adding in aerial surveys gives you a more complete picture. Erosion and other changing land features can cause boundaries to shift, or you can even discover encroachment by your neighbors that you would not notice otherwise. It can be difficult to catch these developments if your ranch is large, and surveying it by helicopter or other aircraft is often much more efficient and thorough.
  • Checking livestock health: Grass-fed beef is all the rage and your operation likely takes advantage of that by allowing your herds to graze freely. If you allow cattle to live the free-range lifestyle, it can become difficult to monitor them. Taking a survey flight allows you to check the health of your herds and assure there are no diseases or other conditions affecting their quality. It is a good time to see if there is anything alarming or if your cattle continue to thrive. Many wildlife preservation efforts include aerial surveys in their research methods, and that approach can also help you with your domestic animals.
  • Monitoring pasture availability: Rotating cattle from different pastures is necessary so your land will continue to provide food for your cattle. Overgrazed land erodes quickly and can eventually stop producing the more nutritious types of grass. When your cattle cannot gain weight by grazing, you often need to keep them in feed lots longer or face difficulty securing a good price when it is time to process them. An aerial survey will reveal if your herds are overgrazing areas and if there are other spots where you can move them. While many ranchers effectively monitor these conditions from the ground, you will get an improved big picture approach from the air.
  • Planning for roads and other improvements: When you need roads, fencing and other improvements to your property, it can be easier to make plans after you take a ranch survey flight. Larger properties make it more difficult to design the best layout for the improvements, and if you get an air survey first, you will be better able to see where you need that new fence or road.
  • Promotional material: Aerial photographs are effective in advertising. If you are attempting to attract investors to your operation or you open your ranch to public beef sales, aerial photography for your ranch is sure to impress. Not only will you show that you have what it takes to raise good beef, but you will also get to show off the majestic features of your ranch.

Rocky Mountain Rotors offers ranch survey flights in Montana. Call us today to schedule a survey or learn more about what we can do for you.

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