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Grab Your Camera and Take a Photo Flight Around Yellowstone or Teton National Parks!

July 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Drones are very popular with photography enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why. Photos taken from the air are not only beautiful, they offer a unique perspective. Now, imagine being able to take photos of some of America’s most beautiful landmarks from the air, but not with a drone—out of a helicopter!

At Rocky Mountain Rotors, we offer our customers the unique opportunity to enjoy views perfect for aerial photography in Montana. Our tours include flyovers of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. You haven’t really seen these natural wonders until you’ve seen them from the air, and our tours offer some really breathtakingly beautiful photo opportunities.

Yellowstone National Park

As you fly over Yellowstone, the first thing you will notice is the majesty of the seven awe-inspiring mountain ranges. These mountain ranges, including the Rocky Mountains, offer great photo ops. You’ll see snow-topped mountain peaks, gorgeous waterfalls, and wild forests from a unique aerial view.

If you’re here to enjoy opportunities for aerial photography in Montana, no tour of Yellowstone would be complete without a flyover of the fascinating hot springs and steam vents found in the park. These natural landmarks present a wide array of colors and textures for the photography enthusiasts. From Old Faithful to the more secluded Artist’s Paint Pots, you’ll find endless opportunities to photograph these stunning, natural works of art.

Then let’s not forget the wildlife. If you’re interested in wildlife photography, our tours offer you the unique opportunity to capture a photo of buffalo herds and other wild animals from the air. Seeing these animals in their natural habitats is truly an amazing experience, and one worth capturing.

Grand Teton National Park

A flyover of Grand Teton National Park offers stunning views of the Grand Tetons, specifically amazing photo opportunities of its snow-topped mountain peaks including the stunning Cathedral Group, Grand Targhee, Table Mountain, and Mount Moran. See these gorgeous mountains rising against the sky or reflected in the lakes below – a truly marvelous experience.

There’s also the Jackson Hole, which is made up of low-lying valleys containing lovely rivers and streams and surrounded by the awe-inspiring mountain ranges. You’ll be able to capture the shimmer of a river as it rushes across the land or the local vegetation and wildflowers that decorate the valley. And of course, all of this with the mountains rising up in the background. In this area, you will also find Teton Village. A flyover of this area provides you with a unique view of these buildings nestled amongst all the greatness of the natural beauties surrounding them.

If you love photography or just want to capture your trip to Montana in the most memorable way possible, a helicopter tour is a must. Flying over these beautiful landmarks allows you a unique perspective that few ever get to see. Plus, with a knowledgeable pilot to guide you, you won’t miss a single opportunity to capture the perfect photo.

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