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What to Bring for Optimal Aerial Photography in Montana

December 1, 2015 Leave your thoughts

If you’re a photographer who loves to focus on nature and natural beauty, Montana is a superb destination. With so much of the state dedicated to allowing nature to flourish in all of its glory, it’s no wonder some of the most iconic photographs of the American landscape come from The Treasure State.

Aside from the ever-popular Glacier Natural Park, which is always iconic in its photography potential, many people also enjoy visiting Yellowstone and Teton National Parks to capture some unique shots and alluring visuals. It’s in these two national parks you’ll see indescribable beauty, which is only conveyed properly if you’re snapping photos from the sky in a helicopter!

Aerial photography in Montana is a beautiful way to experience these natural areas because there’s so much more to be seen on a macro level. You can see spanning vistas or mountain ranges from the top down with your boots planted on the ground, and you’ll certainly miss out on these amazing shots if you’re not taking to the skies to find them!

Now, aerial photography in Montana isn’t something you get to experience every day, which means making the most of your trip and all of the experiences it’ll bring with it. To that end, make sure you’re packing the photography essentials before you step on the helicopter and start your flight:

  • Various zoom lenses, to make sure you’re able to capture the perfect shot from a varying degree of distances in perfect clarity and detail. Also, on this same note, having some wide angle lenses is also preferred by many photographers, to make sure that you’re able to capture expansive sceneries without diminishing the true beauty of your shots.
  • Extra batteries are a must-have item! You’ll likely be shooting for hours, which means you’re going to run the batteries of your camera down quickly. Have a couple of cycles ready so that when you kill the batteries on one set, you can quickly flip over to another without too much strife.
  • Memory cards galore or a mega memory card with a lot of capacity is going to be another must-have for the flight. You don’t want to have to worry about framing the perfect shot every time—instead, it’s best to take more pictures than you’ll ever need, to narrow them down later and find the ones that are ideal.

As another important note, if you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s looking for some specific shots for a job, it’s also a good idea to bring along a list of shots you might be looking to take—be it landmarks, scenery options or something else. Having some structure will eliminate the chaos that can come with snapping at random!

Above all, remember that aerial photography in Montana is an amazing opportunity that every photographer—amateur or professional—should experience at some point in time. Book a helicopter tour of Montana today and see what you’ve been missing through the lens of your camera today!

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