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Tips for the Best Aerial Photography in Montana

October 16, 2015 Leave your thoughts

For photography enthusiasts, a helicopter tour can offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to get some of the most striking shots of Montana’s beautiful natural scenery. Whether you’re on a tour of Yellowstone National Park or taking in the sights of the state’s gorgeous landscapes, there are countless opportunities for stunning aerial photography in Montana.

If you’re about to embark on your first helicopter tour, consider the following tips to maximize your experience and capture the best aerial photography in Montana:

  • Choose the time of your tour carefully: The time of day and season of your tour will be one of the biggest influencers of your photography. Depending on the time and season, light and shadows will fall differently on the landscapes beneath you. It is worthwhile to have a discussion with your tour provider to let them know that you would like to schedule a tour with the appropriate amount of light. Also, you’ll want to confirm that the direction of the tour will allow you to be on the lighted, rather than the shaded, side of any mountainous terrain.
  • Bring the right equipment: If you will be shooting your photos through a helicopter window, be sure to bring a lens hood for your camera. The hood will protect your camera from colliding with the window during sharp or unanticipated aircraft movements. You will also want to wear your camera on a strap to avoid dropping and damaging it. Finally, pack a cleaning cloth in case you get unexpected fingerprints, liquid or dirt on the lens.
  • Choose the right lens: Because changing lenses mid-flight can be difficult and result in missed scenery, you’ll want to attach an ideal lens to your camera before leaving on your flight. Pack substitute lenses in a safe carrier in case you have the opportunity to switch. In advance of your flight, decide whether you’ll want to take photos of landscapes, clouds and panoramic views with a wide-angle lens, or if you’re looking for the varying degrees of closeness provided by a zoom lens.
  • Avoid glare: While ample light is needed for photography, it can cause an inconvenience when you are trying to take a shot through a window. To avoid window glare, place your camera close to the window, without having the lens come into contact with the glass. You may also want to avoid wearing any brightly colored or patterned clothing that may reflect onto the window’s surface.
  • Set up the photo: Even though you will be moving at fast speeds, it’s important to take a brief moment to set up the composition of the photo in your frame. This can be difficult for beginners because of the quick pace of the helicopter’s motion and the sometimes-overwhelming experience of flying over such beautiful scenery. However, taking the time to focus on what’s being highlighted in the shot can lead to stunning photographs.

Through these tips, you will be sure to walk away from your helicopter tour with remarkable images that you can cherish for a lifetime. For more information on helicopter tours and aerial photography in Montana, contact a professional at Rocky Mountain Rotors today.

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