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Five Beautiful Uses for Aerial Photography in Montana

June 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Put a camera in someone’s hands and a beautifully photogenic scene in front of them and anyone can be an amateur photographer. But, more than just snapping a picture is knowing what to do with it once you’ve captured it. Luckily, if you’re going to be taking part in some aerial photography in Montana, there’s a nearly unlimited uses for your prized photos. Let’s take a look at five things you can do with your photos and why the Montana landscape is the perfect subject for each: Display it in your home: This is an obvious one, but perhaps the... View Article

Celebrate These Six Life Events with a Helicopter Charter in Montana

May 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

There are a few special moments in life that call for imagery and adventure that goes outside the norm. For these important occasions, a helicopter charter in Montana can provide a beautiful and breathtaking backdrop for your happiness and excitement. Whether you just turned 50, finally found the love of your life or are advancing in your career, sharing a helicopter ride over Yellowstone with a few special people is a pretty epic way to celebrate. To that end, here are six special occasions that call for a sweeping, stunning helicopter charter in Montana: Proposals: Different people definitely have different... View Article

Three Important Distinctions to Look for in a Helicopter Company in Montana

May 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

When you are looking to hire a helicopter company in Montana for an exciting ride, flight instructions or even special filming opportunities, you need to know what to look for. While things like quality service, ample experience and reasonable prices are all important, perhaps the most crucial things to look for are certifications and memberships. These things are concrete proof that your helicopter company knows what it is doing, and that it has the proper training to do so. With that in mind, here is a closer look at three important distinctions to look for in a helicopter company in... View Article

Why Invest in Real Estate Survey Flights in Montana?

April 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

You’ve just invested in some spectacular real estate, and you’ve got great plans for it, whether you plan to build something on it or to leave it be for a bit while you think about it. No matter what your plans are and how many times you’ve seen the land from the ground, it’s never a bad idea to see the land from a different angle—more specifically, from above. From above, you can see the real estate as a whole and it’ll give you ideas with what to do with the land if you haven’t already made up your mind.... View Article

Shooting Stock Cinematography? Rocky Mountain Rotors Can Help!

April 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

We’ve all seen those movies that are set in the Rocky Mountains, and those shots that span the mountains and other Western scenery. Not only are these sights familiar in movies, but television shows use scenery like that as well. Many television sets and movies use stock cinematography, and Rocky Mountain Rotors is a perfect pick when filming stock cinematography! The following are a few reasons to choose Rocky Mountain Rotors when shooting aerial cinematography in Montana: Experience The most important thing you’ll need when it comes to shooting stock cinematography is experience. You’ll want to work with a company... View Article