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Why You Should Go on Winter Helicopter Tours in Montana

December 23, 2016 Leave your thoughts

The winter months are great for so many things: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, hot chocolate and curling up by the fireplace chief among them. One activity you may or may not have considered for this season is winter helicopter tours in Montana. Most people tend to think of helicopter tours as a summertime activity. However, this is certainly not always the case. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider going on a helicopter tour this winter, whether you’re a Montana resident or planning a trip over the next couple months: Greater availability: You’re probably not... View Article

What to Expect from Winter Helicopter Maintenance in Montana

December 15, 2016 Leave your thoughts

If you have your own helicopter, you’ve already discovered the thrill and exhilaration of being able to maneuver your own craft over the majestic scenery Montana has to offer. And with winter right around the corner, you’ll soon be enjoying a winter wonderland view from the sky. However, before you take off this winter, we’d like to remind you of the importance of doing proper helicopter maintenance in Montana to make sure your helicopter is ready for the winter. Even overlooking a small detail of your helicopter’s maintenance could result in serious complications once you are in the air. To... View Article

Preparing for Your Winter Helicopter Tour in Montana: What to Wear

December 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Planning a winter getaway to the Rockies? You’re in for loads of fun. From skiing to ice fishing and everything in between, the Rockies offer an endless list of activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you’ve done your research, you know that a visit to the Rockies wouldn’t be complete without a helicopter tour. Only a helicopter tour can give you an unforgettable, aerial view of the beautiful landscape the Rockies have to offer. From unique views of the majestic snow-covered mountains to the steaming hot water springs below, you’ll find that a helicopter tour in Montana during... View Article

People Who’d Appreciate the Gift of a Helicopter Tour in Montana

November 10, 2016 Leave your thoughts

You’ve seen the area from the ground and by water, but have you been up in a helicopter looking down at the land from high above? For the experience of a lifetime, book a time to fly up with Rocky Mountain Rotors. We’ll make sure you get the best view of some of the most beautiful national parks and terrain in America! When you think about it, you can’t be the only person in your circle who likes to take a helicopter ride. Here are some people in your life who would appreciate the gift of a helicopter tour in... View Article

Benefits of Becoming a Helicopter Pilot Through Flight Training in Montana

October 27, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Some people want to learn to play an instrument, while others may want horseback riding lessons—but you cannot wait to get your pilot’s license. So, aside from wanting to obtain your license to get a job flying a helicopter, what are some of the other benefits of enrolling in flight training in Montana to become a helicopter pilot? Let’s run through a few of them right now: Enjoy the view anytime: Now that you’ve earned your private helicopter pilot license, the sky is your oyster. Watch the sunrise from the comforts of your own helicopter while the sun does its... View Article