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Why We Love Flight School—and Why You Should, Too!

October 16, 2017 Leave your thoughts

There’s nothing more exciting than the idea of taking to the skies. You can experience the liberating feeling of flying through the Rocky Mountains and manning your own aircraft by joining one of our enthralling flight schools! Going to flight school in Montana is the perfect way to gain valuable experience that will enhance your resume and give you the freedom you need to enjoy the open air whenever you choose.

Attending flight school in Montana is a surefire way to boost your personal skills, enhance your life enjoyment and advance your career prospects.

Rocky Mountain Rotors is one of Montana’s most renowned flight schools. Regardless of what type of certification you are hoping to obtain, we can provide you with the training you need to be a successful helicopter pilot. Here are just some of the certifications and licenses you can achieve by attending our flight school in Montana:

  • Private: Do you or a friend own a personal helicopter? You can explore the great northwest like never before by attending flight school in Montana and obtaining a personal helicopter license.
  • Instrument: Fly away in nearly any weather by obtaining your instrument rating. Instrument rating certification can make you a better pilot, and will help you to stay safer when you take to the skies!
  • Commercial: You can make your office the cockpit of your favorite flying machine! Obtaining a commercial flying license opens up a whole new world of job opportunities that can literally elevate your career.
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): If commercial flying isn’t your style, you can still work up in the air. Obtain a CFI license or a Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument (CFII) license to begin the process of teaching other prospective pilots.
  • Mountain Flying: In the High Rockies, it is essential that you are fully familiar with the intricacies of flying in and around mountain ranges. Gain valuable, unparalleled experience by attending flight school in Montana for your Mountain Flying certification.
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP): Are you hoping to show others the joys of flight? You can share the experience of flying with others by getting an ATP license! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advance your flying career and take passengers up in the air.
  • External Load: Whether you are planning on joining a mountain search and rescue squad or are hoping to simply learn more about carrying payloads, learning how to handle external loads on your helicopter is an excellent way to advance your flying abilities.
  • Vertical Reference: Understanding the process of vertical reference, or “slinging,” will allow you to join firefighting squads and will increase your chances in the competitive job market.

Rocky Mountain Rotors is the most comprehensive flight school in Montana. Join one of our helicopter training sessions to learn more about why we are the most well-regarded flight educators in the region. You can learn to fly with ease by attending our inviting and intuitive training sessions—our highly qualified professional instructors will walk you through all the steps you need to know to become a successful pilot!

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