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Advice from a Helicopter Company in Montana: Conquer Your Fear of Flying

March 1, 2016 Leave your thoughts

Here at Rocky Mountain Rotors, we want as many people as possible to enjoy our beautiful scenic aerial tours of the Rockies and Tetons. But if you have an intense fear of flying, then going on one of our tours may seem to be anything but enjoyable.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of different techniques you can use to help conquer (or at least manage) your anxiety associated with flying in a plane or helicopter. With that in mind, read through these tips and try to find something that works for you, so that you can truly a majestic tour with a helicopter company in Montana:

  • Talk about it: When you avoid voicing something out loud, it only becomes more powerful. Plenty of people have or once had a fear of flying, so it is nothing to be ashamed about. Being able to verbally define your fear might help lessen it, and at the very least you can count on loved ones to offer support and advice.
  • Lean into the bumps: If you have a fear of flying, experiencing turbulence can be miserable. But if you can, try to treat the rockiness like bumps in a road, allowing your body to sway with the flow, rather than fighting against it.
  • Learn to fly: If you have the time and money, nothing is more effective at helping you overcome your fear of flying than taking a few flying lessons. Once you know how a plane or helicopter operates, you will probably feel more comfortable when flying.
  • Avoid caffeine: Caffeine can easily make you feel more alert, tense and anxious, all of which can compound and make your fear of flying even worse. The morning before a helicopter tour, try skipping the coffee and see if it helps. It certainly cannot hurt.
  • Know the statistics: Did you know that more people get injured on planes or helicopters from not wearing a seatbelt than they do from actual accidents? Or that you have a much higher chance of being in a car accident than a plane or helicopter crash? Knowing these facts might help to manage your stress about flying.
  • Bring a loved one: This one is a bit obvious, but of course you will feel more comfortable if you have a trusted friend, partner or relative with you in the plane or helicopter. Once you loosen up a bit, the two of you might actually start enjoying the views!
  • Wear a rubber band: Before boarding the plane or helicopter, put a rubber band around your wrist. If you start feeling intense fear or anxiety as you take off, try gently snapping the rubber band against your wrist repeatedly. This small amount of physical pain will help keep your mind and body distracted from your psychological fear.

A fear of flying can be a difficult thing to overcome, but it will be worth it once you start enjoying the aerial views. To learn more, or to book your tour with a helicopter company in Montana, please contact Rocky Mountain Rotors today.

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